Boosting op levels

join AkMateo if you want a character boosted to op8

You mean leveled up legit?

yup got op8 gear so it shouldnt be a problem till op7 or 8

Since when does 2k care what happens in borderlands? They don’t fix any of the problems including the biggest one match making. This game is practically dead and most likely battle born will flop too because of the AWFUL job you guys have trying to make your games actually playable in mass multi player.

First this is the official Gearbox forums (not 2k). Since this is the official Gearbox forums we have to abide by rules and a lot of exploits and such are against TOS on consoles or just frowned upon. So those things cannot be talked about here.

These rules have nothing to do with things like match making working well or not. Although wasn’t match making just fixed on the handsome collection?

Also I don’t work for 2k or Gearbox, mods here are volunteers, it is not my game.

On a side note Borderlands 2 is still very healthy and has a strong player base playing it. I don’t have tools for consoles, but on steam charts I checked a few days ago and it was at #26, that is current players playing compared to every single game on steam.

are you still boosting?