Boosting people

I am boosting people if u want boost let me know GT reapers2010

I plan on getting on after work for a few hours. Approx 5pm Pacific time, will you be on then?

i could use some help my GT is BraveWarriorC

I was in your party. You are awesome dude!

Send me a meggese

Wanna run murderlins temple on op8?

Hoping for someone to help me either get thru UVHM or power level me a 72. I currently have a lvl 53 Axton and some other lower lvl’s. I’m Eastern time zone. My GT: Suburban Coot. Xbox One. Also wouldn’t mind making some new companions to run with thru the Borderlands.

I wouldn’t mind helping you out. I’m an OP8.
GT: Whiskey 328

Hey. When is a good time to get in touch with you? I’m on like all day and most of the night.