Bordelands 3 PC stutter help

I have a problem no matter how low i put the settings i still get stutter. I tried everything.
Is there some optimal settings i should be chosing?

CPU, GPU neither one is maxed, fps don’t drop, and still games stutter a lot.

I7 6700
rx 5700
16gb ram
1080p using dx 12 and freesync

Welcome to Borderlands 3. :wink:
It seems a lot of us have similar issues with this game; have a look through this forum and you’ll find several posts about it. Some say it’s the game, some say drivers, some say Denuvo, some say Unreal engine.
I have had this issue for months, and have spent countless hours trying to find a solution, even going so far as to switch from Windows 7 to 10, switching to a ssd for both the OS and game, and buying a new video card. Nothing has helped. Can keep a constant framerate of 90, but still stutters when I pass a machine, etc.
So while I can’t help you; know you’re not alone! :unamused:

I should also note that the new Radeon drivers (March 5) have as a known issue:
“Some games may exhibit stutter intermittently during gameplay on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products”

thanks man.

I know amd drivers are not exactly top quality either. But at least for me this is a Borderlands 3 only problem.
I have from 90 to 120fps and still get this problem. I keep reading about fixes and will try them later when i can play it.
I also tried everything i could think of.