Bordelands 3 stuck asking to do the story missions in any game at any level

My game does not work anymore. Playing alone, no Internet, using Moze at level 15 sunddenly when I tried to shoot a screen appear and tells me the game is blocked as I am a Guardian now and I need to go back and finidh the main story missions.
I tried to go back and do so but even going back to hte main mission the weapons and fight system are closed. The bear weapons does not work neither. The only thing that work is knife fight.
Tired of It, I created a new heroe from zero, it still happens the same, even with the first pistol at the initial game the screen stops and tells the game can not be used until I do the main story missions because I am a guardian.
Any idea about what happened???
(sorry my english is getting rusty)

Can you post a screen shot of the error message? I suspect the exact translation may be important.

Sure thing and thanks

This one is just starting a new game, shoot and this appears

And this one at level 15, different heroe

So that is your Guardian Rank - a set of perks and bonuses that you can build into by playing and applies across all your characters. It does not unlock until after you have completed the main story in normal mode with one character. Which one does not matter and, once unlocked, is available to all you characters. If you played Borderlands 2, it is a version of Badass Ranks.

The first instance probably appeared when you earned enough XP to unlock your first Guardian Rank point; you won’t be able to spend it until you complete the story, however.

GR does not affect anything else about your characters. Just use the indicated keys (top-left of display) to switch between the other tabs in your inventory. These are (from left to right): quests, map, inventory, action skills, Guardian ranks, and events.

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Thanks for your kind help.

I tried everything you said and more but not success. As you can see in the screen captures I earned a Guardian Rank but I have not coins, everything is a zero. Same happens with a character at level one I have initiated. Yes is level one and it says is GR.
I can run, travel but I can not shoot with any character, if I try with any weapon that screen appears. The only way to advance is fighting with the knife. So I still stuck and I can not play, and I played Borderlands 1,3 and this little of the 3.
Is there a way to restart the game forgetting the stats, items, etc ? a kind of reset?

OK, that is very definitely a bug. You should verify your game files (I think the route for this is to find the game in the Epic library/launcher and click on the three dots to get a menu) and restart. If you created any custom key mapping, you may want to revert them to default as well. If the problem persists, you will need to file a support ticket:

I am not sure why the game keeps dropping you in to your inventory like that - it should not do that just because you tried to fire a gun. (Which is why I wonder if it’s a control mapping issue and your inventory is being triggered by the fire key/button.)

Your last tip worked as a charm. I set all the keyboards to default and all problems gone!!! I only had one key (E) key-mapped to number 6. My keyboard is a ZBoard Merc with W10 drivers.
Thanks very much


Glad you got it working!

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