Bordelands GOTY Enhanced. Constantly Freezes. Only unfreezes when I unplug and replug controller


I’m having an issue where BL GOTY-E keeps freezing randomly. First time it happened i was about to face off against Krom in Krom’s Canyon 2 days ago. Now it freezes every 5-10 minutes. I continue to hear background music but the screen is completely Frozen. Only way to unfreeze is to remove the batteries from my controller and put them back in. It’s getting really old and looking online for the last 2 days I haven’t been able to find anybody going through what I’m going through so I’m stumped and need help.

I already tried verifying cache.
I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game completely
I already tried doing a clean reinstall of my graphic drivers with latest Adrenlin 19.5.1 drivers
I already tried every tip out there and still nothing

My system is as follows
Windows 10
CPU: Intel i7 3930k

I’m not running any custom Launch options in steams or anything like that

I appreciate all your help in advance