Bordelnads 3 Russia legion lock?

Hello Everyone.
I can’t find any answer for my question so im trying to get one here.
I live in Russia, and if I buy it form russian store that i usually buy games - Can I play with my friends from Europe and NA ?

Yes. Why you think it will be locked? Is there other game that you can’t play with others?

Because some times when You buy a game in Russia, You can only play in Russian region , with russian language only. There is not so much of them, but You can get an awful suprise :slight_smile:
It will be my first time in Borderlands world and Im really hyped for the game :slight_smile: Thats why its important for me.

What platform and what game?

For example it was a Diablo 3, but it was few years back :slight_smile: I tough it will only have an russian language but there was a region lock too.