Border lands pre sequel keeps resetting my bad ass token

Everytime i log on the game resets my bad ass rank and starts me off with a new game play and character its bug can some one help me please

First off, check that you’re signed in to your own profile before launching the game and not using the ‘Guest’ account - guest account progress is not saved between sessions.

If it isn’t that, try starting a new character, progress through to finding Jack, then use the game menu to quit your current session. You should see the vault symbol flash on the upper-right of your screen. Once back at the main game menu, hit the ‘Character select’ option (triangle) - do you see your save game shown there? If not, it’s a problem with your console.

If you can establish that the save file is being created, fully quit the game back to the PS desktop then relaunch. The game should load that save as the default character, but you can also check using ‘Character select’.

i solve it my self had to make a cross save then delete the character then redownload the cross saved character it works fine now ty for the info