Borderands 3 PC coop

Gearbox, will you PLEASE (pretty please), not forget that PC players like to play coop too. Please allow it on the pc like you do on the consoles so I don’t have to use 3rd party tools and waste resources because I have to run 2 instances of borderlands on my desktop, just so I can play with my wife. I know a lot of people feel the same way about having a coop mode. Please let it happen.

Edit- Here is a link to a reddit post I made as well


Very good idea, I would love to play the next BL with my cousin on splitscreen.

Fun fact: I talked to one of the devs way back when about this for Borderlands 2, and you know what he said? There wasn’t any support, due to the fact that save files for the PC version are set up for only one account at a time, and until Valve made support for multiple accounts being logged in to, there would likely never be splitscreen support in the game. Even though the PC version contains all of the data necessary to actually do it.

Thing of it is PC’s don’t even need split screen given how easy it is to setup 2 or more monitors on a PC.
Gaming video cards usually support 3 right from the get go. I think my video card has 2 HDMI ports and one DVI port so that’s 3 right there. Some have more than that too obviously.