📺Bordercast Straight buffs and Nerfs Great explanations 🔍from Dev Grant Kao. Video inside

Grant Kao seems like he understands and explains his reasoning for changes well. So i hope he glances at these forums sometimes. Not the crazy ones
He explains stuff well. We need to see him more often and have him explain stuff.

To skip past killerSix go to 1:28 in the video.


I’d like to see more of these. Surprised I didn’t notice the Kaoson is the “son” of the kaos lol


Hes Grant Kao’s baby now lol. Can’t wait to see the new balances.


OK, overall good stuff. I’m sad to see YC get “fixed”, but I know it’s necessary. And buffing other weapons will allow for more variety. If they had just nerfed the YC without offering other options, it would be an issue.

I hope they are also going to fix some of the drops, such as the Aggy 9000 drops. Or put the backburner on another boss list until they can fix it. It’s ridiculous that you have to redo the story mode up to that point to get a dedicated drop.

Dude, yes to the agonizer drops. If they don’t fix that tomorrow I’m gonna be disappointed. I can tell that gun would be really fun to use if I can get a m10 one. I just don’t have the time or fortitude to go through the story again just to get it lol

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That’s assuming it drops, it’s in the element you want, and has the anoint you want. Yeah, I thought about going through the story just to get it, then realized that RNG would just screw me over.

Fingers crossed, but I’m not holding my breath.


that agonizer mayhem exclusive drops at m0/normal crap boggles my mind and makes me upset.

You literally have to save exploit to get it or trade. I refuse.

I still think plaguebearer is :crown: despite seeing its dmg

Great video. Will be interesting to see how the nerfs compare to the reductions at M10.
So far it all sounds very positive and well thought out.

I really like the plaguebearer as well. I just wish it dropped with a bit more frequency. I also wish that random rockets from it wouldn’t home in on me. But that seems to be Moze’s curse. I think the Suicide Girls should make Moze an honorary member, with all of the times she’s downed herself from random explosions.

I really hope the skullmasher fix comes out right. That thing wrecks hard

holly hell that was super underwhelming