BorderDoom: Doom + Borderlands gameplay

Hello everyone!
This is BorderDoom, a mod for Doom which adds Borderlands gameplay elements to Doom.

The main ideas for this mod are:

  • weapons with random properties including: damage, number of bullets fired, firing speed and accuracy
  • shields that recharge when not being attacked
  • players and monsters have levels which make them stronger

The mod has been in development for quite some time. It has progressed nicely since it was first announced.
Here is a new video that shows some of the weapon types in the mod:

And in this video you can see an overview of the gameplay features of the mod:

More updates will follow! :blush:

Please tell me what you think of it!


Some more information (and an older gameplay video) can be found on the ZDoom forums:
Thread on ZDoom forums


You are sure it is not Bordoom? :rofl:

Would you mind to explain?

My bad. Sorry, bad joke, boredom = “Bordoom”. Bor from borderlands + doom. Just a play of words on the titles. Idea is actually very good.

Thanks for clarifying that. :wink:

Also I am working on a video showing the new gameplay features. :+1:

Again apologies, did not mean to offend. Looking forward to the video when you have it finished.

Hi guys!
I just uploaded a new video with an overview of the mod’s new gameplay features. The video is in the first post. Have fun! ! :blush: