Borderland 2 final boss TVHM lvl 50 zero HELP PLS

Hi I am at the final boss of the borderlands 2 tini tina dls lvl 50 Zer0 pls help

When u drop into the warriors arena, stay in the back by the Eridium Blight portal. Jst make sure u dnt get too close to it and accidentally go thru it. But if u stay there, you can easily kill the warrior without even getting hit once. I’ve killed him at least 30 or more times, with all characters, and every difficulty, and I’ve never had any problems with the warrior. Stay in the back, he’ll pop up to the left, the right, and at the very front. Give that a try and see how easy it really is…

pls need friend for moonshot farm

A bit confused. Which end-boss are you talking about. The warrior or the Handsome Sorceror from Tina’s? In the first post you says Tinas, Zombie is talking about the Warrior, then you mention the moonshot, which is the warrior.

Frankly, I have found the sorceror is easier as a solo kill. I have never had much problem by myself, but a buddy and I were trying to kill him and we both died 3-4 times each.

I’m talking about warrior and I need someone for moonshot farm because none of my friends have this game

I already defeated the Handsome Sorcerer

Add me if you need help…