Borderland 2 pas de son dans le jeu

Bonjour jai acheter borderland 2 récemment et il y a pas de son dans le jeu quelqu’un pourrais m’aider

According to Google translate:

“Hello I bought Borderland 2 recently and there is no sound in the game someone could help me”

Are you on PC by any chance? If so, I can get you moved to the right section where you may well find some answers!


That was the question.

Alors. Sur pc? Sinon quel console?

Sur pc , jai acheter le bundle à 5 euro il y a le son dans le menu sur le bureau mais une fois lancer rien ne se passe:X

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That is a fairly common problem. It usually means another program is interfering with the audio path once the game launches.

See here for example:

If none of those work for you, try turning off any 3rd party chat, recording, or audio enhancer applications. If you can get the game running with audio, then you can try launching these once the game is running.

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