Borderland 3 Patch For Mac

Hi ,
I am using a mac , just wanted to confirm are the new patch fixes out for mac , if yes how can i update it , as my version is still being showed as 1.0.9
Thanks for your help

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My question also, has the Mac patch been delayed?

NOTHING ON THIS?! Wtf msgd support for both epic and shift… nothing The release says ALL PLATFORMS!

I’m having the same issue, I logged in today to Epic games to instal the update but its not there. The current version on console and pc is 1.12 but epic games is here still at 1.09. The release says all platforms! Epic games store is such a ■■■■ UI I cant even view my update/patch history nor can I see the latest version of a game on the store to compare with what I have in my library.

hopping on the bandwagon here. I have the same issue. Gearbox help us out here!

Yeah , release states all platforms , really confused

Just made a big post about this, its a scandal how we are treated! Even the support people didn’t know what was going on AT ALL! I will DL the whole game again on an external drive to play on boot camp windows… IDK why they even bother to port for OSX if they act like this!


Just to let you know that the moderators are chasing this up behind the scenes, clearly something is very wrong somewhere.

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any news?

Apparently not.

I’m guessing they delayed the Mac release of this DLC by one week, just like the last one. No big deal, if they’d just tell us as much. The fact that no one has an answer after several days is pretty lousy! A Mac user asked on Twitter too; no reply there either.

I finally got a reply from 2K
“I’m also sorry to hear you’re unable to access this DLC. Please try fully exiting the Gaming launcher you’re using and launch it again. The DLC should be available now!”

I was exited it finally arrived… NOPE what a fail both support channels couldn’t even read that I was on Mac, face palm…

(Sigh.) That’s a typical reply from the Tier 1 support staff, in my experience. I’ve tried them twice for other issues. They often ask questions or make suggestions that were already in the original message.

I was going to open a ticket but you are further along already, so thank you.
If you haven’t already, I would reply, let them know that NO Mac users have gotten the June 25 patch or DLC. They will escalate the issue eventually- probably too slowly to help us but it’s worth a shot.

(I’m still expecting the DLC to show up this Friday, but I just remembered it’s a holiday weekend in the U.S. so who knows.)


POSTED: JUN 25 2020

Today we will release an update for Borderlands 3, which will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PST (with the exception of Mac, which is planned to go live on July 2). This patch adds support for the new campaign add-on: Bounty of Blood! It also includes Phase II of the Mayhem Mode updates, which introduces damage scaling in Mayhem and support for Mayhem gear in all loot sources!

It seems like they added this important information yesterday.

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HAhah nice to finally know, very sneaky of them. Hope they felt some of the flack and at least make proper announcements next time!