Borderland GoTY enhanced crash

cant seem to run the game more then 5-10 secs in the main menu. game just crashes.
there was a popup a couple of times about a missing file however i fail to sceenshot it.

i double checked all installations and driver versions ofc.

is there a way to report this via a log file of somekind somehow…
or maybe someone know what the problem is and has a fix?

thank you.

Here you may find form for report:
Just send log file there if you could. Also try to fully delete and reinstall the game. It might help if some game file is realy missing or just corrupt.

Also it’s possable that problem is in lack of some C++ library, or something like that.

how can i check or update this?

It’s very easy to update by downloading packages through official Microsoft site. Yet, I can’t say how to check lacking of exact C++ libraries. You need a crash report to say for sure. In standard version of Borderlands we have all needed packages inside game installation directory, but in GOTY Enhanced they just removed it from there.

no change so far… still unable to play the game