Borderland : The Pre-sequel in-game crash

So i recently bought the pre-sequel with the season pass and tried it yesterday but i couldn’t play because every 5-10 minutes the game crashed. I don’t think the problem is my PC since it is pretty good (intel i7-4790 and nvidia gtx 750). So when i openned the game my friend joined in and not very long after the game get a blackscreen and the sound goes weird and i need to shut down my pc manualy. I checked the driver of my graphics card and my sound card, updated nividia, and blocked my anti virus then deleted and uninstalled all the files of the game and redownloaded it but still the game keep crashing… Please help i don’t know what to do now thx for any help you can tell me :smile:

PS: sorry for my english i’m french :wink:

I’ve had this issue as well though not that frequently. I think its happened about 4 times since I started playing it.

Core i5-4460 3.2ghz
8gb of ram
GTX 750
Windows 8.1

Seems to be the only game that does this specifically. The only other game I seem to have any issues with atm is Warframe which just drops out with an error message saying the game engine encountered a problem.

One other thing to note on pre sequel though is that I seem to encounter frame rate issues in the subconscious area in the claptrap DLC that only happen when on that specific map.