Borderlands 1 bc baby

yep borderlands 1 is now bc on xboxone
oh and multiplayer works just fine
go figure
im sure this thread will get locked but just letting everyone know

dont need 2 threads.

Actually, there’s a case for 2 threads. A merge might occur in future, but since it’s relevant to both sections , imma let them stand.

Oh, and @cheezmo, gbx are still working on the multiplayer fix for thc. Just because it’s taking longer than anyone wants doesn’t mean it’s not happening at all.

oh ok thx my bad
no any response with bl hc is great
just its been a while and havnt heard anything
multiplayer is a big part of all bl games
thx again
appreciate it

are you a preview member? If you are can you invite me to be a preview member and we can play!

I too would love a preview invite to get my bl 1 on, GT is janospalfi

What’s your GT

i’d also like to be a preview member to get into some bl1 if anyone could help me out with that. gt:tilhalter

same here nothing funner then playing borderlands 1 GT Zander03

I have it on X1. GT NapalmOmega

so what, is this a download or something? I need more info! lol