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(Shinokami007) #21

there is not much content in this lil’ map
at the top of the walkway of the lance area, there is a door, with some more things in it
beside the maggots, there is a floor trap
also, about the tower sink, you need to achieve a grenade jump or have someone to turn the button while you stand on the top of the tower

(haha - nailed it!) #22

ok i remembered i have a pearlescent ‘Alacratous Hermes’ shield which helps me jump higher so i got up there and found the chest at the back of the tower - cool!

good map

(Impala) #23

oh man. thanks so much. I only have the zombie maze and crow’s nest. so many maps. awesome.

(Impala) #24

elaborate please. Pretty please?

(haha - nailed it!) #25

(Impala) #26

Where do I get that? Is it in a modder’s pack?

Links to user created content for Borderlands (Unofficial)
Oasis map thread down
Where are the mods at?
Post your custom borderlands 1 maps here!
(haha - nailed it!) #27

i suspect i got it from a Crawmerax in one of the ‘farming’ maps - probably Craw Hill - mapslot 22 - but can’t remember for sure - sorry…

(Impala) #28

Both craw maps here are only umap files, so I don’t think they have custom items. Shame. ):

(haha - nailed it!) #29

well, i guess you’ll have to play all the maps until you work it out :wink:

Borderlands 1 original list of mapslots reservations etc - NO LINKS
(haha - nailed it!) #31

I’ve added another map at Mapslot 40 - small but fun effort by Yeticavern

(haha - nailed it!) #32

…and talking of Yeticavern, does anyone have the link to his map for slot 28 - ‘snowlands’? did he finish it or was it also a victim of that frozen hard drive?

("I PUNCH HIM!") #33

He just never finished it. All though nola did release the ice gun pack. So least we got that.

(haha - nailed it!) #34

ok, at least i know - where’s the ice gun pack?

(haha - nailed it!) #35

Another new map added folks - Choking Grounds, Mapslot 30 - well worth a look :sunglasses:

(Impala) #36

Don’t you just love that guy? :slight_smile:

(igriceeeto) #37

I don’t know if i’m looking carefully enough (although it’s a fairly small map) but i can’t find that Yeti weapon on aforementioned map…any help?

Crawmerax vs armory
(haha - nailed it!) #38

UPDATED REPLY: i’ve played the map three times now and got the Yeti each time - you looked in the chest right? what was in there?

i do think maybe you haven’t put one of the files in ‘packages’?

(haha - nailed it!) #39

extra map added at mapslot 18 - even though i can’t play it :frowning: - would welcome feedback on how i can get it working and also what your experiences are of playing it - is it playable - if so any good?

likewise fifth column ms19 - a lot of people have followed the link so i’m guessing some have played it?


(Timer1) #40

you can download a lot of maps here in 1 big zip file >1gb

(haha - nailed it!) #41

that link is broken…