Borderlands 1 Fans take on Borderlands 3

There have been a lot of takes on Borderlands 3 from a Borderlands 2 perspective and that makes sense since it was the biggest game to date and more recent.

But there is a large fanbase of Borderlands the original game, where it is there favorite game. Curiosity had me wondering how you feel about where the franchise moved based on that perspective.

Full disclosure I am looking to do a video about this for my youtube and possibly looking for people to talk to and interview some to get a different view on this.


I have played a lot of Borderlands 1, It was my favorite until BL3 came out. At the time BL1 came out I just stopped playing WoW, I was fed up on MMO’S and wanted a more classic, sit on the couch and play console game with RPG elements. Borderlands 1 was the perfect combination of my favorite type of games at the time. I had the feeling of being stranded on a ■■■■■■ planet trying to survive.

I like how BL3 gunplay feel more like BL1, its more realistic than BL2 and TPS. When I shoot a Jakobs, a Vladof, A Dhal It feels like a real gun. You have maliwan wich are more futuristic weapons and it feels just right ( not a fan of the charge tho).

For the side quests, Bl3 feels more in line with BL1 than BL2, they are mostly short quests, most of them are funny and surprising. Bl2 sometimes had you run around the whole map for a sidequest, I was not a fan of this.

On the enemy scalling, again, BL3 is more in line with BL1 than BL2, the game is still young tho, we dont have UVHM and lvl cap at 50, we will see in the future how it scales but I like to see smaller numbers.

For me, Bl3 took the best from Bl1, BL2 and TPS but it leans more towards Bl1 than the other ones. It’s just how the game feels for me.


Ultimately my favorite series of any game! I like each one for its different reasons but for this specific post bl1 does have a deeper crab on me. I remember my dad actually getting me involved in it. I couldn’t get past bone shredder and called him saying this game is stupid. He said you HAVE to do all the side missions and level up to be able to. Every sense I’ve milked each game for what it is. 3 still under review. But I liked bl1 so much plus im fortunate enough I have an xbox tucked away in a secure private area at work to play at lunch. To this day I still farm pearls sometimes. My connection between 1 and 3 is hugh, for spoiler reasons the biggest is a certain event involving a favorite character from the first game at the end of 3. Made me wonder if I could continue 3 at all. Im still pondering that but 3 has qualities that is keeping me playing. Anyway I love all for what they are, I know 1 isn’t looked at as having an impactful story but it did on me. Hell it upset me losing TK. I think 3 will be a perfect follow up to me and look forward to what’s instore. I hope I hit on what your asking, I went from the heart and may have strayed a little but it does feel good to get this out.


I posted this in the spoilers section, so feel free to talk about them. And yes your post is what I am looking for, itwas helpful.

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I’m glad this was pointed out. I’m a long time Borderlands Addict. I’m addicted to farming rare loot. Tons of hours on Cramerax and the Farm’armory. The feel of the weapons are closer to the original than BL2, in my opinion. Borderlands 3 has been an amazing experience so far. I like the vast planet diversity going on with Borderlands 3. Its much closer to the original than Borderlands 2, which I also love. There is more to this than what’s being expressed or pointed out. There is a vibe, a feel to the game that is reminiscent of the original.


I have had the same feeling but they are also so much like 2. I think what they did here is really impressive.

Many people complained that the guns in 2 didn’t have the heft of bl1 guns, did feel as impactful shooting them. But people like me liked in 2 that brands were more well defined in more ways than stats.

In bl3 they kept the identities of bl2 and doubled down on them giving a second unique feature of the guns, but at the same time made them feel more back to bl1.

They somehow kept both worlds and made them amazing.


I never got to play bl1 but i have played all of bl2 /pre.
I do like how the guns feel better and sound better game play over all is better.
But thats where it ends for me every thing else just feels subpar at best.

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Well said Derch. I completely agree. Cool thread by the way.

I’m glad it was brought up…

The “feel” of the weapons. The nostalgia can be overwhelming at times. :star_struck:

edit: Agreed…They did a fantastic job on bringing the “worlds” together. Still providing a fresh look/feel but still keeping that raw borderlands vibe. Pandora felt like Pandora. Athenas was something new and very pretty landscape(s). Eden-6, my favorite planet so far. I absolutely love that environment. Swampy but not as dark as the Hammerlock DLC from Borderlands 2. Borderlands 3 swamp seemed a bit brighter, the coloring pallet was brighter and felt as such.
It gives me the ‘feeling’ of new discovery, hunting…searching…exploring…all for loot that brings Whimsy and Murder. :grin:


I will admit that BL1 was my least favorite of the bunch until BL3 came out, but that’s primarily because I’m a story gamer and BL1’s story was fairly forgettable. I replayed the GotY twice and I still barely remember it.

Basically: BL1 is fun, but forgettable. BL3 has great gameplay, but I don’t want to play because I have to put up with the story.

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When I first played BL1 I was completely blown away by the size and scope of it. The title perfectly described the desolate, lawless planet. I loved the gunplay and felt that this was seriously nerfed in BL2. In particular I liked playing with Assault Rifles and Shotguns and they were two weapon types that changed the most in BL2, so I really lucked out there!

For me BL3 harks back more to BL1 than it does BL2 and that’s only a positive thing as far as I’m concerned. Gus in BL1 felt more like guns with a special side effect, whereas in BL2 they felt more like gimmick weapons that just happened to look like guns (I swear I remember having this same discussion with you on the BL2 boards way back!). I’m loving that they are back to feeling like guns again and that reminds me of BL1.

Contrary to most I actually liked the story in BL1 and maybe because of that I felt that the “rewrite” of events in BL2 was unnecessary and spoiled it a bit. The Knoxx DLC is still one of my favourite DLCs ever and I also like the fact that they have seemingly gone back to the Craw-type loot generation where a boss can issue almost any Legendary, rather than the BL2 type system where you had to endure killing the same boss again and again and again in order to get the gun you want. I still wake up screaming at the thought of having to do the BNK3R again after killing him over 100 times and getting nothing at all for my troubles.

TL;DR BL3 harks back more to BL1 than BL2 for me and I’m loving that


I’m a huge fan of bl1. I downloaded it onto my ps3 when it first came out. I still played it from time to time even after 2 came out. It was such a weird story. There were sections that we’re genuinely creepy as well. I remember walking through a psycho den hearing buzz saws and ramblings, while at the same time hearing a broken claptrap unit crying “I’m leaking. Oh, god, I’m leaking” You had only a smattering of knowledge of who you were and why you were there. Which is how a lot of fps games were at the time. (Bioshock did it brilliantly upon its ending reveal) Every character and every echo you encountered and listened to only added to the creepy vagueness of everything. I remember a set of echoes that we’re particularly disturbing with Tannis and a dying woman (I think they worked together?) The woman was begging for death but Tannis couldnt bring herself to do it because then she’d be all alone. The thing that made the echoes really creepy though was the cold, unfeeling, and detached way Tannis spoke. Well, much of the same detachment was felt with other characters as well, yet it was oddly intriguing. Even though I was an outsider and knew little to nothing about myself, I felt I absolutely belonged in this world. Whether I was playing an ex soldier, a hustler looking siren, a sniper hunter (who I still have yet to see use that sword), or a big hunk of beef and teeth. Bl2 did a great job of giving each of these characters an actual personality and purpose. As I ventured further into the world things only got weirder. There were strange alien like creatures, cube shaped formations that didn’t match the rest of Pandora, and just as I thought I’d figured it out, the shot pans to space and there is “Angels” shuttle hanging over Pandora. It was a real wtf moment. When bl2 came out I was so happy with the way they filled in the holes. Tannis had a more forgiving type of anti-social character, Brick was more a loveable teddy bear that you’d want watching your back than a brainless pshycho, Mordecais was the funniest while paired with Brick, and Roland was awesome finding a new purpose forming the crimson raiders. Lilith, through the additions in dlc as well as the main story, quickly became my favorite as a nerdy, geeky, awkward girl that couldnt work it out with her ex (Roland), but could phase-splat 20 bandits in a heartbeat. So, I wasn’t particularly happy that they abandoned all that quirkiness and hustler side of Lilith for such a serious flat character. I get that she’s a commander, but Loreli is one too and had way more personality IMO. Just because she’s walking in the shadow of Roland, doesn’t mean she had to BE Roland. Her strength isn’t purely from her siren powers. She had hardly any abilities before eridium. She relied on stealth and charm. Nether are present with her bl3 character.

My take on bl3 as a bl1 fan first and a bl2 fan second is this:

Game play- A vast improvement. Everything is better. Guns and gear can be used immediately. I was using white and green gear well up into my lvl 20 characters. Even starting out tvhm with lvl 50 characters I’ll come across green gear that surprises me. The legendaries are tons of fun to try out and find what works best for you/ character. I can CLIMB! Omg, why did they wait so long?! Anyone who gathered gun parts in bl1 or fought the sheriff without a singularity grenade in bl2 totally appreciates this. Lost loot is a great tool. I always think I’m careful, but I’ve gotten a couple items now that I totally missed.

Story- Too much to get into. I kinda just rolled with it. Im hoping the DLC’s might make up for some of the absolutely bizarre choices they made.

Then there’s the humor. Bl1 had a more gallows humor to it. With the additions of the DLC’s (Dr Neds in paticular) they found a quirky balance of fantasy story telling and easter egg bombing, while being very funny at times. Bl2 and its DLC’s perfected this formula. Bl3, sadly, missed the mark completly. If I were to play the “toilet humor” drinking game, I’d have to play with someone else so that they could pour drinks into my dead corpse for three additional hours until the game ended.

Yet, even though I’m confused about story decisions, I’m still playing and enjoying my new spacey borderlands world. Here’s hoping they strike a better balance for us "oldie " fans in future content. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I agree, Derch. but one thing I really would love to see is a return of weapons leveling. I miss that something fierce.

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For me snipers and revolvers in bl1 was the best noting so far comes close in bl2, Tps and bl3.
Headsplosion sniper is OK but TOURGE Cobra (red text: I LIKE IT) sniper in bl1 is way better IMO.
Skullmasher (red text: Make your brain hurts) in bl1 is very high damage and precision shotgun.
Dahl Penetrator (red text: Psycho Killer… Qu’est que c’est? ) is like AR on steroids…
I like so much bl1 guns


Playing through the Tazendeer map last night, and I was really enjoying taking on Guardians again. It was neat to see what they did with them in TPS, but these feel even better.

And yes, the guns - especially Jakobs and Dahl, and assault rifles in general.


I really miss the tone of BL1. The aesthetic of the world was grim, desolate, cheeky…

While BL2 is my overall favorite story-wise, BL1 is my favorite in mood.

Weapons felt good too, even if not as diverse as later games.


For me, BL3 fits neatly between the two. The designs and colour palettes of Pandora and Eden-6 (love those maps!) are very BL1, while the way the story is presented through the campaign events is more BL2. I know in BL2 they wanted to expand the colour palette and have more variety, but I feel that doing that through physically different planets is more effective in terms of game-play - you know where you are from the environmental clues, and you also have planet-specific flora/fauna to contend with.


I have always loved BL1 and the true endgame of it, is starting over and the replay value. BL2 was a farm fest. Save the knoxx loot, Tartarus loot room, and crawmerax. Moxxi’s dome was wasted potential in my eyes and could have made the end game even better. I always liked the weapons better in BL1 as it seemed there were some OP, however finding a perfect x3 purple and matching elements to take what you needed down, felt right. BL3 is a step up and seems to do it even better so. I found assault rifles in BL1 useful, not so much in 2, and back again useful in 3. I like the RNG better in BL3 than any previous as well. I am waiting in anticipation of the DLCs to hopefully remedy some of the few short comings it does have. That is all personal opinion. My wife is already burned out of BL3 and when we play BL1 she is ready for the 2nd play through right away, and always had been. I need her take on it. She is pro-BL1 to the bones.

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To me, the true fun in BL2 was also starting over from scratch and trying a new way of building the character. The fact you have six to choose from in BL2 means more variety. This is one of the things I’m not sure about with BL3 yet - how is that going to unfold? I’m still trying to wrap my head around the skill trees and the action skill variations, so right now only having 4 classes is a good thing. I feel like I’m more likely to have multiples of each class in BL3 than I have in BL1, but it depends a bit on how the skill balancing goes.

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Only gripe that was had, which is fixed now, was the 3x story playover. Now pretty much moved down to 2 (THANK YOU!) Is what kept the reply of a new character more of a chore. What I do think they did well so far in BL3 is the balancing. Sure it is an ongoing project. But in BL2 if you have a wrong set up / gear in UVHM+ OP levels you will have a bad time. There are some ways you can make some builds viable but you have to sacrifice something else that makes it weaker going into the few OP builds. Some skills in trees were broken or did not scale well. So far on my Fl4k I have made many different builds. Some better at bosses, some better for mobbing. However there doesn’t seem to be one skill I have specced in to that was broken or wasn’t useful. Granted I heard some of the other classes do have those and hopefully will have a fix for later.

I loved the mood in bl1! The story was more solid in bl2, but the mood in bl1 still is my favorite. Jackobs weapons were definitely better in bl1 than bl2. They seem to be better in bl3 than bl2 as well.

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