Borderlands 1 goty edition xbox 1

Like many I have pre-ordered Borderlands 3 as I love this series… In the meantime I purchased Borderlands 1 GOTY edition (DLC), the Handsome Jack collection(DISC) and the new Commander Lilith edition (DLC) so I can replay from the beginning on my new Xbox1. I have completed PLAYTHROUGH 1 on BORDERLANDS 1. The four add-on packs advertised with the GOTY edition appear to be missing. They do not show up on the travel system. I have my Order Number and reference info. How do I get access to all the missing add-ons please? Also I note that although I paid for borderlands 2 commander lilith & the fight for sanctuary I have not yet received this; is this not available yet?. Really appreciate your help on this. Many thanks.


Just the query on Commander Lilith download now…

Is it showing on your XB1 under Games & Apps > BL2 (manage games)? It should be there are a ~5 GB download with the HC version of the game.