Borderlands 1 graphics enhancement?

Just bought borderlands 1 and 2 GOTY on steam sale.

Started playing bl1 and was wondering, (also having seen videos), is there a mod or something to enhance graphics? Seen some videos/images where they look really nice and updated.

Thanks :smile:

Yes and no, more than likely they’re using a modded .ini or more likely SweetFX.
IIRC it is an injector program and as such runs the risk of being detected by Steam’s anti cheating detectors and banning you but usually so long as you can provide credible evidence that all it was they detected was SweetFX they undo the ban.

So do most people who play bl1 use the graphics enhancement or just bump up the settings to high and have everything on. It still looks nice with that though, but just wanted something like bl2.

Why do you get a ban? Also How would I do the SweetFX thing and what is it?

For the commoner they typically just use the max settings in game but for those that are little more knowledgeable about .ini tweaking they typically turn certain variables on (or off if they don’t like something) or change the values to higher ones. Unfortunately shadow tweaking is fairly limited in bl1 unlike bl2 or tps (even if you go into the .ini and tweak the appropriate variable it won’t make much if any difference in the quality of shadows). It’s limited to changing ShadowTexelsPerPixel, bEnableVSMShadows, bEnableBranchingPCFShadows, bAllowBetterModulatedShadows (turn to or leave false unless you have a fairly old gpu, roughly 2005 and before I think) and/or bEnablePSSMShadows.
More common tweaks that seem to work and generally improve graphics would be changing the MaxLODSize variables to 4096 (maybe also MinLODSize just to make sure it uses the higher LOD) and FogVolumes to true.

[quote=“Costa_P, post:3, topic:506403”]
Why do you get a ban?
[/quote]It’s an injector and as such could be used to cheat by giving god mode, infinite money/ammo, etc. which would be a no-no in games with multiplayer mode(s).

[quote=“Costa_P, post:3, topic:506403”]
Also How would I do the SweetFX thing and what is it?
[/quote]IIRC you’d just need to place the files in the right folder (typically the main folder of the game I think) and then set up a button toggle to turn the injector on/off in the injector’s file (it should be a text document so no special programs necessary). IIRC it should come with a readme that details where (in general) to place the files.

Ok thanks for the info. I managed to bump up everything to high and have everything on (if thats ok and safe?)!

For the most part it should but certain things should be left off but it’s not many and truth be told, it seems most of the stuff in the .ini are leftover “You’re making an Unreal Engine game? Here’s some variables for you then” stuff and are in most every Unreal game .ini even if they aren’t used.

I havent used .ini ata all. Just gone into options to change things on and everything high. What should be turned to off?

Everything in the options set to max…no ini tweaks

click on the images for full high-res effect

Can still increase the maxLOD in the .ini and I’m fairly certain it improves textures a bit.

Ye no its fine. Havent changed anything except in-game settings. No .ini, nothing. Was just wondering, what should I have switched off?

Probably turning off CompositeDynamicLights and/or bAllowBetterModulatedShadows would be the only things to turn off in the .ini (assuming they’re on but I think they are both off by default). Everything else is preference really and would need to be turned on rather than off.

Still interested in using SweetFX?
I had some spare time and opted to make a profile/preset for Borderlands that I can share and have decided I’ll use my profile since it does seem to improve the look greatly. One thing you should keep in mind is that these were taken in 3072 X 1728 resolution factor so aliasing would pretty much gone whether or not I used the anti aliasing techniques available in SweetFX but I think SweetFX still helped remove some.

The locations shown are the startup menu and near the fast travel station at the Cauldron.
Stuff I had on via the in game menu: everything to max (minus res which was what I stated earlier).
Changes from the default ini that I remember offhand that affect graphics are LOD becoming 4098 and turning most of the shadows types on (minus the one mentioned in an earlier post, composite shadows or something similar).

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