Borderlands 1 is bc on xboxone finally!

yep install is like 8 gigs
oh and multiplayer works just fine bc wise
go figure

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its fantastic,except that a friend on xbone cant join me and vis versa and we cant figure out why

Sadness. I think that feature is supposed to work. I’ll have to try it. I might not be able to resist installing the preview OS now.

hmmm I didn’t have any problem joining or creating a public game
maybe check ur nat? ijs

have no problem with people on 360 either way.just xbone to xbone,neither party can except invites through the game or console.

Is there a way to install the dlc from bl1 if you had it on 360 already? I have my wifes copy of bl1 game of e year but it wont let me load the dlc disc…i purchased to dlc for myself through xbox live but dont know how to get it.

wouldnt read my GOTY disc either,but if you use the vanilla game it gives you DLCs.

the game disc i have should be the vanilla one since the dlc is on a seperate disc. When i go to the dlc menu option in the game says unavailable at this time

my DLCs didnt show up until i got zeds medic machine powered up.then they appeared in the fast travel.i tried it out by going to zombie island.

I put my BL1 disc into the Xbox One and had to get an 8GIG download. I had purchased none of the DLC for BL1 on Xbox 360 in the past by the way.
Once I started up the game on Xbox One, I immediately had access to all of the DLC’s for free.

I am not sure if this is intentional or a glitch but my friend is the same, he got DLC for free. I then put my disc into my girlfriends Xbox One and she got the DLC for free too.

Not quite sure why though o.O

Anybody else get free DLC?

I’m still resisting. Mostly because I don’t want the preview console possibly messing me up because of it’s unstability.

All DLC’s work for me, purchased on 360 years ago, haven’t tried matchmaking yet.

I also uploaded a couple characters from my 360 to the cloud save, when I finished down loading the game to my One there they were, thumbs up for that !


How exactly does the cloud save work? I assume it’s the same as the handsome collection? I haven’t been home since the update to try it out…

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Hey, are we supposed to stil have our characters saves from 360? Or is there a way we can transfer them like THC?

I didn’t try it but I assume if you back up your 360 saves to your cloud then the game can pull them over? It tried to pull mine over when it opened, but I don’t think mine were in the cloud.

I am likely to just play a new character of each anyhow. Started Mordecai today.

Hi there I have only been able to download 3 DLC for Borderlands am I the only one the 1 I cant download is Zombie Island as it is not showing up is anyone else getting that yet I have all 4 of them ok for my normal 360.

So if i buy the 360 version of bl1 and stick it in the long thin rectangle on my xbox one, ill be able to play bl1?

Hey does anyone want to start a borderlands 1 playthrough this week if so add my gt UnseenKamo

On character saves: You have to make sure you’re saves are stored on the cloud. If you’re not sure, Boot your 360, go to Settings and storage and turn on Cloud storage if it’s not on already. Then, go to your HDD and select your saves and copy them to your cloud. Then, load BL on XBOXONE and select cloud storage as your storage and your toons will be there.

To get BL1, you put your disc in and it will appear on your home screen, if you try to launch it, nothing will happen, but if you check your game installs, you should see an 8GB BL install. It takes quite awhile, about 2 hours for me on a 50Mb connection, so start it early! DLC should automatically be in there