Borderlands 1 Loot Events

It would be awesome to have some type of events for BL1 that increase the enemy and chest loot type and quality. Can this be done with the current game version or does the engine require additional overhauling?

Original game or remaster? If original game, probably not (especially since the 360 and PS3 versions do not appear to be maintained any more). Remaster, it should be possible. That said, there are a number of chests that already have improved gear over the original.

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The claptrap DLC giftshop and craw ain’t good enough for you?

I’m talking about remaster mostly. Would be cool to have them occasionally to enhance the loot quality.

BL1 is (to me) so different in its loot generation system that I don’t know what this would do.

Would you expect, say, the chance for legendaries or pearls in chests? Or better general weapons?

Gosh, even as I type that I just don’t see it. So many good guns (for me, a good gun is a high fire rate Stinger or Anarchy) drop often right now, I don’t know what would enhance that.
And except for the Hellfire, I just don’t care about any legendaries in BL1 (well, maybe a Savior for ammo regen if I haven’t found a good comm). So dropping more Leg.s doesn’t help my play style.

Wouldn’t matter to me, but what would your expectations of this event be?

For me the enhancements would be better quality parts: more barrel 4 and 5, body TK AX AR HX ZPR RWL, stock 5, scope 5 and the most high dps mags. Best combo of pick 3 parts to make things simple

Higher pearl and mat 2 chance would also be the essential variables. Mat 2 as it’s own category because it’s a unique mat and is way more rare than the others.


This has been a built in game mechanic since day 1. Everything in game has an assigned awesome lvl which impacts the quality of the loot it drops. I’ve gotten so many perfect or near perfect legendaries from the claptrap dlc giftshop