Borderlands 1 Most OP character

  • Lilith
  • Mordecai
  • Brick
  • Roland

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Which character you found to be most broken? Broken in terms of being Salvador but in borderlands 1.

I voted Lilith, but I do remember getting Bloodwing all juiced up where he could take care of a lot of enemies on his own.

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Heh. Interesting that - so far - no-one has voted for Bird-man. BW can indeed be specced to amazing levels, but Lilith still takes the fire-cake.

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I mained Mordecai and Bloodwing can really be amazing, but Lilith with a solid Mercenary COM, a matching build, a Hellfire and a Double Anarchy is pretty hard to beat.

Because Mordecai has sick abilities on his sniper rifle not to mention how hitboxes are broken in the first game, he has a 20% chance to ignore shields and one-shot many enemies which is so good especially in the second run where most bandits are shielded or armored him and Lilith are the strongest vault hunters.