Borderlands 1 Only uses my CPU

so i can play borderlands but the the performance is trashfor example in firestone i only get 40 frames, its like not seeing my GPU but instead uses my integrated graphics from the cpu, someone please help with this ! ;c

My rig:

OS: Windows 10 Home
CPU: Intel Pentium G4600 3.60 GHz
RAM: 8 GB Hyrican DDR4 RAM 2133MHz
MoBo: MSI H110M Pro - D (Micro ATX)
(just copyed this from my steam profile)

Moved you to the right section. There’s a few regulars still playing this game on PC, so hopefully one of them will be able to help. You can also file a support ticket here, as it’s quite possible that this is a known issue:

What are your game settings? in Borderlands video options menu?

2 things to try:

Note the following refers to looking at the game in file explorer (Which can be accessed through: Steam > Borderlands > properties > browse local files)

  • Run the game as an administrator
  • If you right click on the game icon there should be something to the effect of “Run with geforce / dedicated graphics” try this.
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where do i right click the icon? in the task manager or where i browse local files ?

everything max. except AA is set to x4

Where you browse local files. You look for the icon that starts the game (it’ll be a .exe) and right click on that icon. I’m afraid I can’t show you screen shots as I am away from my pc currently.

Well yea that does not show up when I rightclick the Borderlands.exe, and yes I already tryed to force the game to use the gpu with these Geforce settings, where I can select a programm or game to use my gpu but it just skips straight to my cpu. Sence im using a dual core, I wonder if when i upgrade my cpu to the I5- 6600K if I get better fps sence that cpu has 4 cores but a worse integrated graphics. I would be really happy if you or someone else could tell me if it does or not. (btw i would want to upgrade anyway sence dualcore is not enough for other games i wanna play, so dont think i would upgrade just for Borderlands.)

I only played BL1 on Xbox, so I’m unsure of the ins and outs of it’s performance but the i5-6600K is unlikely to do better as the Borderlands tweaked unreal engine is frequency reliant more so than core count.

Getting the game to run on the gpu is going to do a far better job of fixing your performance than a cpu upgrade would. I’ll see if I can find anything useful to help.

Just to be sure have you checked that your gpu is not doing the work by actually looking at it in something like MSI Afterburner or is this just a conclusion from how low your frame rate is?

Edit: Try the solutions suggested here.

already did try the last thing you said, and yes i did check it my GPU load is always at 0%