Borderlands 1 remaster "not impossible"

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Any Truth To A Pre-BL3 Borderlands 1 ReMaster / ReRelease?
Remaster BL1 for xbone and ps4!
Borderlands 1 remastered / port to new gen
(Berserker) #2

It’s nice to hear Randy say that. But I refuse to get excited about this again only to have my hopes shattered for a second time.

(Kwisatz Haderach) #3

That’s just Gearbox’s politically correct way of saying a Borderlands remaster isn’t going to happen, without explicitly stating it isn’t going to happen.

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I think if it ever did happen it would be after BL3 and toss it in a bundle with all the other games so id have to buy it all again. Lol… And the bad thing is I would more than likely buy it anyways because I love the original so much.

(band) #6

I’ve got my eyes set on 2019 for the 10 year anniversary anymore.

(Vegetano1) #7

Lets just say: “nice, awesome, nice, awesome, nice, awesome!” if you get the drift,. but yeah would be soo cool, Randy do it!

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #8

Would be nice. But by Jove let it have UDK support like the non-remastered BL1. (Would make a lot of peeps (including myself) very happy)

(Matīss Lociks) #9

I’m not sure which part of the message to take in with curiousity. The fact that the remaster might be coming in future or the implication that they’d rather remaster it themselves than give the job to third party team?

(Ben) #10

i wanted this for so long even had a post on here about it with significant response. lets hope battleborn does so well that it provides the funding for bl3 and bl1 remaster maybe as a collection. Admiral Bahroo went to 2k studios to play battleborn and spoke to the devs and he can confirm that the game is in development. he has an interview with gearbox on march 23rd for 1 hour mainly about battleborn but we can pray that something is mentioned

(Ben) #11

im with you on that. seems likely

( The Dogs Bollocks) #12

I think I did 3 threads on the old forum asking for this.
I really hope it comes into being one day, hopefully before the Daisies are growing up over my grave lol.

(Ben) #13

isnt this the ■■■■■■■ truth haha, all we can do is raise awareness and make our demand recognized mate. as discussed in the thread it would be a win-win for the community and gearbox

(Chitsa) #14

Bl1 remaster is no brainer. Sony should fund it. if’n they’d risk it… :wink: imagine it with coupla new bits of content.

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(Ben) #15

just found an ajax ogre cant believe it

( The Dogs Bollocks) #16

Re a remaster, you have to treat it like one of Randys tricks.
You can’t believe what you’re seeing so you can’t also believe what you’re hearing.
That line about seeing how well Bl2 gotye did to see if it sold well they’d do a remaster for bl1, well Mr Pitchford I’m led to believe it done rather well and no remaster.
Hurts to say but there’s more than a slight of hand going on here lol.

(Tobiasbunse) #17

I don’t know… I’m actually playin it on PC and i thing it’s great. It might need here and there a little graphic patch, but instead of other games the Cell shading optic ist still Nice after so many years.

(Gnashpaul) #18

A Borderlands Remaster sounds well and truly great! The first game is my personal favourite but I think a REMAKE of sorts could serve better. Add additional voice acting, elaborate on the characters back stories and motivations for wanting to go Pandora. Add more and diverse environments. For example the battle with 9 toes could take place in a romantic coliseum style environment. Plus if Gearbox wanted to be really cool they could add content of what goes on between 1 and 2, example - if you’re playing the campaign as Roland and Lilith you could have missions where you have to arrive and help Jack on Elpis but elaborate on why the are actually there (I mean via cut scenes and echo comms) followed the battle in New Haven.

I think this sort of thing would serve better than a remaster and itll be a more sophisticated way of bringing the original characters to the current generation.

(Gnashpaul) #19

Roman coliseum style 9 toes battle… not romantic…

(Watcher on the wall) #20

I will beg for a re-master until my end of days.

A remake however, no. I am very much against a remake of the entire game, with new things added. In my opinion, it would taint the feel and vibe of the game which is perfect as is. I dont want that messed with.