Borderlands 1 remaster "not impossible"

(Jan S.) #41

Yeah, but why would it mention PC then? If it’s release, why release it again for PC without any change? :smiley:
I don’t ask for too much, I’d be happy with auto money pickup, better keyboard+mouse support in menus, performance improvements, fov slider and more DLC fast travel locations

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #42

this right here is what i want most. 60 fps would be really sweet to for smooth scrolling and faster running.
as far as them mentioning PC in the mix does bring about an interesting question. good point. :acmaffirmative:

(Ite) #43

Please let this remaster be true!!!

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(civan116) #44

I love it the way it is even play it once a year normal,tvm,uvm with almost all the charratecs pre-sequel played only oh brainstorm cant remember his name and dont wanna be a…hole and look it up only because him i played and somnetime with frends in arena other wise 1 and 2 are legends if you got time for remaster better make an awsome dlc for B1 on that grade of graphic even wit his own new engine and call it like borderlands untold storys something without meaning like you did wit pre-sequel a lot of people liked it i bought it just cause it was Borderlands yet I didnt bitch about it and waited and it was worth while dont change who you are because some loose change because people waiting for B3 like crazy after that while we play B3 you can publish anything related to borderlands lore nobody will think about it they˙ll buy it install it and the game will wait while every stone in B3 is turned every dlc played and replayed til its open likw a flower5 to see all of it thats my opinion you got calculated yourse unfortunately company boards are the one that decide thats why there are no sequels to million games till thay make it for watch if possible first pc,connsoles,mini handhel concoles,telltale or something alike(i adore telltale games this got nothing aginst them or their games)then two or three games on android and iso and then if thez met theyr numbers programers got green light stupid but true i am hounestly amazed the didnt make 2d left to right action game like green beret(commodore 64 and consoles) where you jump pick up different guns bombs jump jump shoot shoot and afetr each play at the end is mini boos its got no loot guys that was best games in zx spectrum and c 64 reign at that time I˙m not telling youll know my age once a gamer always a gameer thats it sorry for beign little boring bu thats my opinion all yours Ivan Chech.

(Geoff) #45

So this thread is a bit old but with the latest news it seems like this is dropping next week.

I am not clear if I will get the update. I have the game installed but it is not the GOTY edition. Will old installs get this?

(Jan S.) #46

If you’re on PC, you’ll get the GOTY remaster even if you don’t own the DLC.


You don’t need to own the DLC to get this new edition, either—just the base game. I double-checked this with 2K. If you never tried the first game’s expansions, now you can without paying an extra penny.

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(Geoff) #47

So very pysched with this news. Thanks.

I had the DLC before Steam but never on steam. I do have the base game though. I can see a new play through of Brick coming. My original was Mordacai and then I did Lilith. Now time to punch stuff.