Borderlands 1 Remaster

Does anyone know if the borderlands remaster will have 60fps on console?

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There’s not much detail about the remaster available yet. That said, given that both BL2 and TPS got a bump to 60fps for XB1 and PS4, I’d be surprised if that wasn’t the case. I would expect to get occasional drops from that, though, when things get really busy on screen, especially with the higher level of detail.

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Hopefully its 60fps. Thanks for the response.

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Just posted the link in the Gearbox Talk thread, but ran across a Tweet confirming “60 fps, 30 during split screen” on console for the BL1 remaster.


Has anyone heard anything about “fixes” or changes yet? One of my friends was going on about a whole list of things Gearbox was supposedly “changing” or “patching” but I’m hoping it was just an April Fools joke

Why is it 30fps for split-Screen? If it runs like similar to the older gen console versions of Split-screen I’m going to be very upset.

Because the graphics pipeline has to render two (up to four) completely different views simultaneously to the frame buffer while keeping everything in sync and not dropping frames? There’s a limit to what the fixed hardware on consoles can do, and it looks from the game play footage (on PC) recently posted by some of the gaming sites that there’s more objects/detail in the environment.

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Please, tell me they’re adding more fast travel stations on the DLCs, specially on The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Most of that DLC consists about driving back and forth.


Someone checked, and apparently not. :frowning:

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Hopefully it’s capped at 30 just for 3/4 player split screen though. The handsome collection runs 2 players at 60fps, and thats on the original PS4.

Apparently not, really killed my hype when I heard.

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