Borderlands 1 remastered / port to new gen

I know this is my first post and im not entirely sure im doing this right or if i was supposed to post this in another area but here we go

I have played the living ■■■■ out of borderlands for a large portion of my gaming life and i can honestly say never in those years have i enjoyed and adored a game as much as borderlands 1 , i loved number 2 and YES i loved the pre sequel but something about the simplicity and atmoshpere of borderlands 1 immediatley made me know that it was gonna be my favourite game ever all those years ago

As far as us vault hunters are aware borderlands 3 ( plz dont be an MMO ) is not coming around any time soon and now that i have bl2 and tps on my ps4 something dosent feel right , im missing that first game to complete my easy to acsess smooth 60fps (most of the time) pandoran bundle that i have poured hours into , i think a port ( not necessarily a complete remodel) of the origonal game onto new gen consoles whilst we wait for the holy number 3 would really please alot of fans that you have contiued to amaze all these years .

I thank you all for any feedback on my first topic hear on the gearbox forums and hope to be hear for all the borderlands content to come


Welcome to the forum zj98.

A lot of us here would love to see a BL1 remaster hit the PS4/Xbox One. Randy even mentioned before that if the Handsome Collection sells enough (and demand is there) they would do it. Right now it’s pretty much a waiting game to see if all the stars align and it becomes a reality.


I would also love the remaster on PC, just because the port wasn’t the best and I’m sure they could improve some things there and there. But, I don’t know…It seems it won’t be anytime soon too, because we saw that Borderlands 1 should be one of supported games for Xbox1’s backward sompatibility.


I really hope this doesn’t hurt our chances of getting it.


like to see this myself, but because of the backwards compat on XBOX now, doubt they will, probably not enuff money in it just to port for PS4 for them to spend the time and money on it. I think the backwards compat on XBOX has taken away any real chance of games being portated to current consoles, just a thought of mine. But unlesss they dont allow it to be compat with XBOX, we wont see a port

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Would love a remastered all systems not just consoles.


Its a shame really playstation NOW dosent seem like it will be globally available anytime soon and even when it will be there is no guarantee borderlands will be on the subscription list because it isnt at the moment , i wish sony would suck up at dump there ps now idea and just make it backwards compatible , there too stubborn


Also do you feel the handsome collection has been successful enough to warrant a BL1 Remaster , i think it has but i suppose gearbox are the ones that determine its success based on company goals

yep, i feel that Handsome collection did well enuff to warant the BL1 port, but as you say, it depends on what GB thinks and does in the end. I dont really care for the PS Now thing, something about paying to play games i allready paid for on PS3, i think sony just gets too greedy on things, hope their PS Now service bombs big time, then maybe they would stop being so petty and greedy, doubt it thow, Sony has always been greedy, but i love their Systems. its not like they havnt done backwards before with the PS2, so why its such an issue now comes down to greed, not the players

too be honest they first came up with the concept of playstation NOW when there was no notion of backwards compatability for either systems , now that microsoft have finally pulled it out the bag sony feel to high and mighty to follow in there footsteps because there afraid they will look like there copying microsoft. im no expert on the cost of game development but would a simple port of the original game even cost that much as there will be little need to develop new things ?

Exactly. Unfortunately Gearbox hasn’t said either way how happy they are with sales. As fans, we can just hope for the best while we wait and see.

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i could understand them holding back information on a game release if the game was borderlands 3 or an IP we havent seen before but because it is a game that many of us love and have played before i think we as fans deserve a conclusive answer on whether or not we will be seeing this release. judging by what ive read searching the corners of the internet ( no links sorry) it is up to 2k publishing to decide whether or not porting borderlands 1 is a good financial move for the company . id make a petition for it but i doubt it would make a difference. i think myself aswell as many other gamers are just sick of being left without information when there is no need to withold it. thank you for all for your support on this thread by the way

Gearbox don’t tend to announce things unless they are certain about them.


Atleast most of the time. I think that Furious 4 actually became Battleborn.

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id like to know there current position on it as we havent really had an update in a while , just so we know if they are even considering in still.

thanks to every1 who has replied its nice to see ppl are also wanting this release as much as me

While I can certainly understand why some fans would like to see a remastered BL1 released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, I don’t think it is going to happen. If it did, it would really need to be along the lines of the Resident Evil remakes that were originally released for the Gamecube. Doing more or less of a straight port of BL1 even @60 FPS is something that most likely wouldn’t sell very well at this point. Perhaps GBX should consider doing a Kickstarter for a remastered BL1. That way, if there is enough fan demand it might actually happen.

I plan on getting an Xbox One hopefully by this Christmas along with a copy of The Handsome Collection. I also intend or transferring my BL2 save so I don’t have to start all over again. Personally, I would rather see GBX focus on BL3 taking into account all of the lessons learned (both good / bad) from BL1, BL: TPS and BL2 than do a straight port of BL1. If I want to play BL1, I will still have my Xbox 360 to play on even after getting an Xbox One. And it is also possible that BL1 will end up on Microsoft’s list of backwards compatible games for Xbox One.

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thank you for your reply , do you think there is a way we could encourage gearbox to open some sort of kickstarter/petition on there website so maybe we as fans can atleast have a shot at proving our demand for this release of borderlands 1 ?. also while i agree that i would like to see them focus on bl3 i think that up until the release of battleborn and even in the months after its release they will be focusing heavily on that IP as they do not even have a complete team to start developing bl3. i think that the re-release of bl1 is a nice easy product they can throw out to satisfy X amount of fans ( show in a petition maybe) until bl3 comes out .

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microsoft have really indirectly screwed over ps4 users havent they with that backwards compatibility drop. seems they knew sony wouldnt copy them and they are trying to even the playing field between the platforms

What they did was good for their player base and made a lot of Xbox One owners happy. I think that’s a good thing.

We don’t know for sure what impact that will have on a BL1 remaster. But Microsoft is releasing a Gears of War 1 remaster regardless of the their Xbox 360 BC, so anything can happen. We just have to wait and see what Gearbox/2K does (with our fingers crossed).

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