Borderlands 1 remastered / port to new gen

What a disappointing reply…I wish he never said a remaster was possible if the HC sold well. I kind of knew it would be a too-good-to-be-true deal.

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really getn tired of Randy always saying something to sale his games, and then when peeps do, he does a backwards flip, I really do like some of his games, bugs and all, but to sit there and say, Hey if you guys by this and it sales good, we are going to give you this, and then he doesnt. Its really getn bad anymore. Why i will never preorder anymore games from him. if its good after release ill think about it, but not before. Randy you need to start improving your people skills, bad.


Dude, GIVE IT A REST! The beauty of ALL the Borderlands games is that they give the players the freedom TO PLAY IN THE METHOD THAT WORKS BEST FOR THEM! Who the hell are YOU to tell someone else what’s a “legitimate” play style FOR THEM?!? :blconfused:

Borderlands always has been, and hopefully always will be, a game geared towards 2 modes: Single Player, and Multi-Player Cooperative play! So, it’s not at all like other games, where there’s an online COMPETITIVE mode where it’s absolutely essential to have a fair and balanced contest. Therefore, ANY play style that the game allows, that the Devs have allowed to remain in the game, is “legitimate” for those players that choose to use it! If you don’t like playing in a particular way, then don’t play that way. But HOW DARE YOU tell someone else that it’s not a “legitimate” play style for them! :blrage:

So disappointed.

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Ok that really wasn’t necessary. Let’s please keep this as drama-free as possible.

Be excellent to eachother.

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Hey guys im back :smiley: , just wanted to say that im upset that randy has gone back on what he said about making bl1 remastered , hope gearbox manage to maintain a level of quality with future installments and with new projects. Also lets please not turn this into an argument thread , i made this with the purpose of finding ppl who shared my love if the first game and were interested in this remaster . I encourage you all to post any updates on this topic here so we can all discuss like weve been doing :slight_smile:

Well, dissapointed that BL1 will have to rely on backwards compatibility, which the PS4 does not have.
Oh well, good thing I never sell my consoles, since they will always be used for whichever game I want to play, which is why I think that remasters are redundant for the most part but that’s a diffirent story.

dissapointment intensifies

Still , borderlands on ps3 was ASS :smiley: , ive contacted gearbox and ramdy on twotter many times with no reply , i think we can all agree this game deserves a remaster

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Runs fine for me. Same lag as on the 360 when getting a crit kill. Might have to do since I have a later model, but still. Performance is the same for me as the X360 version.

Yeah but nothing is for sure, especially with gearbox their opinions change all the time. I’m certain HC sold very well on the profit to development ratio since they used 3rd party developers with 1/16th the staff of 2k/gearbox.

Wouldn’t be a shocker to me if they timed a remastered version of bl1 shortly before bl3 to induce hype for bl3.

They could even 3rd party the porting to iron galaxy and make it extremely cheap for them in developing it.

The lack of backwards compatibility is going to turn the tides for ps4, with the backwards compatibility being developed for Xbox one (is it out already?) I’m considering switching back to the Xbox world. I have a massive collection of 360 games so the fact I could play most of these makes the xone a better deal in the long run.

I don’t believe the ps4 isn’t capable of producing backwards capatibility, that’s just an excuse. Sony wants to profit off of their streaming service, adding backwards capabilities would probably hurt it.

PS3 was unique hardware in which it required a different type of programming, HOWEVER 90% of games were Xbox 360 ports so this cannot be a issue for the majority of the games developed for the ps3. Very few games were exclusively designed for the ps3 hardware.

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Just found out BL1 isnt even available on PS NOW , biblethump :frowning:

This is a great idea


Ye ur joining many who think the first game if the series deserves a remaster/port , i tweeted pitchford about it not being available on ps4 cuz ge said it would be the best way to get it on nee gen

Also would like to mention the large quality ️and accessibility disparty between ps now and simple backwards compatibility , really emphasises how hard done ps customers are in comparison to xbone users , this IS NOT a console war, just an acknowledgment of the sheer stupidity of a service that 1.costs a decent amount of money (although if need be i will pay) reliant primarily on another monetary factor wich is your internet speed and finally the fact that ps continue to support the idea despite it being much less acsessible and much more expensive than what there market rivals are providing. Just how loyal do they think gamers are to there consoles?. I havent even gone into how PS now only offers a select few games and not the one mentioned on this thread.

UVHM is a cakewalk.

Prove it.
Record yourself playing UVHM without farming, using legendaries and/or uniques and not dying above 35 times.
From 50 to op8, all dlcs.

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Lol no

Any other restrictions lol?
Geez Louise

PSnow (gross doe, pls just emu it sony ;-; ) will prolly get BL1, I guess that xbox backwards vote for yo game thing will have errryone wanting bl1.

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Also playing with closed eyes while listening to Wrecking Ball 24/7 :stuck_out_tongue:


why wouldmt you do any of those things in UVHM is my question and btw did u hear WERE GETTING A BORDERLANDS MOVIE BOYS