Borderlands 1 remastered / port to new gen


Yeah! I’m hyped, but also kinda unsure about it.
I mean, game based movies mostly aren’t the best, and I don’t think it will be better than Tales.
I’m going to watch it anyways! So…where’s the nearest hype train?

Also, I think we should comment that here: Its happening. A Borderlands based movie!

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Thank you.

Videogame movies havent really been the best in the past but i hope this BL movie and the Warcraft movie really change that. And yeah its gonna be hard to top a story like tales. I need to find this hype train aswell

Is it live action or animated?

We don’t know yet.

If they span stuff fom all the games maybe some Sin City type stuff for the first game but instead of black and white maybe a sepia tone with color touches mixed in. I’ll be interested to see what they do for sure.

I think ill be too picky about the looks of the characters and the environment, i feel like animation would be the way to go personally. Loved sin city though.


As @zombiejuice98 said it “has something about the simplicity and atmosphere of borderlands 1” that for me makes it a kind of “gold edition” and it surely plays well at older hardware, and I would prefer any remastered version would not change the simplicity, just some bugs and mainly would extend the game play or mod it a bit.

For instance BL1 maps have a huge area available out of limits just for landscape scenery, where one can walk into if one knows the passages you can find at youtube searching for “borderlands out of map”. For me it would be fun to extend the places where the payers can go, new missions, some side stories, it would make sense then of getting the hand at a jet pack :slight_smile:

I loved @Evo4g63t argument about “they can outsource (like they did with the handsome collection) for the ports which saves a ton of development money while making easy profit for the company” sure they could! BL1 has proved it is still playable and preferred for many after BL2 and TPS, and there are even some long term projects like the 5th DLC and some Oasis maps good enough to be reused, if just there were some talk among Gearbox and developers.

It seems it is not impossible


thank you for your response. the borderlands 1 community still thrives and is competitive with that of bl2 and pre sequel due to its superior loot system and for many just the nostalgia of it all. i think there is more than enough demand for a remake/port and as Evo4g63t put it, it would be easy profit for the company and help with funding of future projects (bl3 cough bl3 cough). especially if battleborn flops which is a possibility due to the spite of much of the borderlands community. i hope it succeeds though




As I posted in another similar thread:

Better graphics.
Key Rebinding (NO hardcoded binds).
Widescreen support.
NO putting in any crud from BL2 or TPS.

Insta buy from me.

All this but I wouldn’t complain if they at least added the ammo sharing for co op. Other than that make the graphics sharp and have it run smooth at a high framerate and I’m down for another go at the original. Like I said in a previous post I don’t think it will be seen until after borderlands 3. It will prob be piled in with a package deal…call it the Ultimate Badass Collection or something. Lol

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Auto pickup of health/cash/ammo, movement in FFYL, and class mod boosts being indicated on your skill tree would be welcome in BL1 as far as I’m concerned. But I don’t consider those things to be “crud”!


Oh man I forgot about the no movement in FFYL… I went back to the original last year for a while and went down on the way to the armory and everyone went behind stuff and I was like noooooooo!!! Lol. And I loved the little loot indicator from the original I missed that in the other games. No loot left behind.

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Literally all I dream of is a direct remaster of BL1 for PS4 (since that’s my console). I specifically state “direct remaster” since I prefer the original art style as well, it suits the empty, barren wasteland feel better, while BL2/TPS’s style fits the more varied environments. That being said, it’s my favorite game of all time and it has the best kind of classic charm, despite being released in 2009. All of my other top 5 games are already on current-gen or have remasters announced, so why not this gem? Handsome Collection sold an ungodly number of copies from loyal fans, and I doubt a BL1 remaster would be any different in sales.


Given PS4 vs. XB1 sales estimates, there’s definitely some money to be made there.


So… is it happening? :slight_smile:

No idea, but let’s face it - it would be a completely awesome way to announce a release date for BL3!


Could just chuck us BL1 whilst we wait for BL3 :wink: