Borderlands 1 remastered / port to new gen

It is backwards compatible on Xbox One… if they did a remaster my only request is update the compass to the mini map.

I’d imagine it would come out after 3. I’m hopeful for end of this year, but it’ll likely be 2018 and then maybe October of 2019 for the 10th anniversary we’d get the remaster. Or maybe they’ll reverse it and do the remaster for end of this year or 2018 and BL3 for the 10th anniversary.

And squash the zombie quest bug! Seriously, being told to talk to Tannis when she simply won’t talk to me at all is getting old…


I agree. Would like to see a Borderlands 1 remastered. I would like to see the DLC integrated into the game rather than an add on. Also it would be nice to give some clues about Handsome Jack and some of the stuff that happens later. Some more side missions and better usage of the maps would be cool.

I can play this Borderlands 1 over and over again more than the others. I too, love the simplicity of the game. I am in no hurry for Borderlands 3. I prefer a well polished game rather than a let down.

I’ve never had either of those bugs.

You’re fortunate. I have one character with the “purchase a shield” and “talk to Tannis” (in Crimson Fastness) both nagging away at me. In Pt.2.5. No way to fix those, especially now all the saves are in cloud sync on XB1 - the system is really quite opaque (more so than the 360 was).

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If I remember rightly the shield bug was an imported one you get from online play.
Don’t know how to clear the tannis one.

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I only know of one method (which cannot be discussed here because voldemort.exe), and I’m pretty sure that won’t work for XB1-based saves.

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I thought we were able to mention foliage just as long as you didn’t discuss how to germinate it.

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If it’s politically correct foliage, I think it was supposed to be sort-of OK. But not in the context of consoles, because there’s no point unless you violate causality first and that’s verboten.

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A bit of ddt was OK for the odd bug but no composting to bare more fruits.


@VaultHunter101 wonder if anyone is scratching their heads about now.


Oh, I hope so!

I live in California. So, it’s now politically correct.

Foliage! lol Dr. Green Thumb. :wink: :ok_hand:t2::drooling_face:

Okay. Time to move on from the gardening section.



I liked the Green thumb mission, wish there’d been more like it.