Borderlands 2.5 or Borderlands 4?

It’s been clear every since beating Borderlands 3 that the stories inconsistencies are apparent and lots of lore from previous games have either been outright neglected or changed. That being said, for the next title in the franchise what would you prefer? Borderlands 4 as it continues on with the story and likely leads to the great war OR Borderlands 2.5 (Like BLTPS but maybe called Borderlands The Three Prequel or something along those lines) that takes us back and possibly explains some events that took place between BL2 and BL3 so we have a greater understanding of why certain things happened. There’s really no reason to ask as a new game definitely won’t come out for quite some time but either way it’s just an interesting thing to think about and discuss. What are your thoughts?


i want to go on
i am still missing the “great war” xD


Whatever they do I hope we stop focusing on sirens bl3 has left me very exhausted of them.


Proceed from the previous games, BL3 was just a bad trip on a hallucinogen.


i could imagine the next game to focus more on eridian lore
either guardians taking action of a hard prequel from the time before the eridian wipe


I choose Option C - a complete redo of BL3. Rewrite the narrative the way it could/should have been done, change the outcome of some of the NPC’s so that they make sense, throw out the whole Mayhem concept and start over, revise DLC 3 & 4 to bring them up to (old) BL standards…

I think you get the point.

Going back to a 2.5-like state would be all about trying to justify the poor narrative decisions made in BL3 (and the events in Tales From The Borderlands). Going forwards in a continuation of the current BL3 story just sounds… frustrating. I no longer trust GB to manage their own narrative. I am not certain how else to express it.

Clearly GB will never redo their own work. Aside from the cost and manpower, it would require an acknowledgement of their failures and given their recent track record that will never happen.

A 2.5 version will also never happen because of the commercial failure of the last time they did that (with TPS - a game I happened to have enjoyed, BTW).

That realistically leaves only a BL4 where, if they cared enough, they could simply ignore the bulk of the mistakes from BL3 in a narrative sense and just move forward with a conclusion to the saga that hopefully won’t suck. I am not holding my breath, but a small part of me is still hopeful.

What would be awesome is to rebuild all of BL2 using the BL3 core engine - but keep all the BL2 badass ranks, OP levels, etc. - NO MAYHEM and NO ANNOINTMENTS! I would be OK with adding mantling, because not being able to climb up a fairly short height was always rather frustrating in BL2. However, I am sure it would mess up a lot of the intended pathing and therefore create some game imbalances. I suppose sliding could be kept as long as there were no references to it in gear. It would just be a fun thing to do.


Or maybe it was all a part of Krieg’s psychosis…


Neither? I’d prefer another 7 year hiatus and entirely new crew of competent devs and writers.

Edit: BTW…2.5 was Tales from the Borderlands and the Lilith DLC.


Yeah I’d say neither tbh it would just be the same team doing it so either game would be bl3 2.1

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“War is coming, and you will need all the Vault Hunters you can get”

Nah… Let’s just give them mayhem mode and anoinments.
Edit: and let’s kill Maya


That would be cool but, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had to deal with more sirens. We had like 6 sirens if you count Troy appeared in bl3 and A few more are unaccounted for man I miss when sirens were rare and mysterious but like legendaries in bl3 they pop up so often that they are no longer special. Also I’m sure they want to expand on Ava even tho she is insufferable I believe any character can be redeemed sadly I don’t have much faith in the narrative ability of the current Gbx.

Whatever the new version or name is, here’s what I want:

  • Make rare and purple gear matter
  • Make legendary gear really legendary
  • Create a compelling story
  • Doing TVHM or UVHM reveals more stories and dialogs
  • Add modded gear sanity check
  • Make multiplayer great and engaging
  • Make takedowns, boss runs, proving grounds worth our time

Edit: Have decent QA and player testers


I want to get on with the ‘great war’ however I do feel like a Prequel-Prequel wouldn’t be out of the question. Borderlands doesn’t really do “side” games but another Tales-like game or just a borderlands game in between 3 and 4 could explore the first siren. The Prime Destroyer. How they sealed it. More planet exploration and aliens. It could end with us sealing him and as the gates close we see the last siren then the game ends.

But yea getting on towards the war would be amazing. Some time passed between Lilith Sanctuary and 3 so I’m curious on if they would do another timeskip from 3 to 4. If they do it would be sad seeing a lot of our favorites getting even OLDER hahaha (omg poor Moxxi)

I do wish for B4 but man oh man if I have to wait almost 10 years again I’ll be in my 40s! Not that I don’t think I’ll still be playing video games in my 40s it is just that I’m unsure if I’ll still be hyped by then for this type of game or even want to play it by then. So that is why something in between like the 4 or 5 year mark would be neat.

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This is the same as saying “just make it happen”. Kinda skips over the complexity of both of these points, and how they act against each other.

People wanted Legendaries to matter. That’s how we got BL3 Legendaries in the first place. This invalidates lower tiers of loot, yep, absolutely. That’s how every single RPG and ARPG has ever worked, ever. Nomatter how rare the drops, people would min-max until they had the best loot for every slot on every character.

You cannot have a system in which a tier above purple exists, and purple gear still (ultimately) matters. Unless you start doing things like certain tiers of loot simply cannot drop on certain difficulties at all. Is that what you’re thinking of?

Because even if Legendaries are mega-super-duper-rare, people are still going to grind hours and hours for them. And you still need an answer of how to reward players on higher difficulties, which is and usually is in most games “more Legendaries”. So these all tie together to present quite a complex problem.


What I’m thinking is legendaries would be rare drop and when it drops it makes you excited and each legendary drop is indeed very useful. I expect players to grind for this drop.

However rare and purples are more common. With the right mix of these gear, you can do the game content competent enough. A good set of synergized purples will always outperform a user with a full set of unsynergized legendaries

Simple example:

  • Make all the common legendary drops today be purple items
  • Make top tier gear ie Flipper to be legendary. Make the drop difficult. Think of Raging Bear before the drops were improved and before rare spawns became guaranteed.

I say with borderlands 4 it picks up after the great war and all the vault hunters lost, that way they can soft reboot the franchise while still in the same universe.
Just don’t mess up the story and characters this time.


CMT :v

Sorry lolli, I don’t know what that means!

People will complain about the drop rates, as they did about BL3 on launch. We’re at the other side of the equation now (on Mayhem levels at least - Legendaries are still pretty rare on M0), but I don’t want anyone to forget the endless drop rate complaints prior to various patches (and M2.0. Even on old M3 they weren’t that favourable, which is why people pushed for M4. I had mostly purple gear on my old M3 Zane for a looooong time).

Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with ideas. I’m perhaps in a minority anyhow, as I believe at least on loot Gearbox are doing what they can. There have been complaints on drop rates nomatter what has been changed (and other far moee reasonable complaints for the record too before someone jumps in).

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You also skip over the possible complexity of itemisation. There are plenty of games out there where rares CAN be better than uniques / legendaries. One example is path of exile. Uniques don’t necessarily have to be better than rares. They just have to be… unique.

Even in a game like borderlands 3, where some legendaries can be jack of all trades, there can be purples that are better at specific situations (e.g. better at aoe clearing, but worse at single target). A good example is the lob, which is extremely good against single targets versus protuberance purple, which is (or used to be before they released mayhem 2.0) better at killing packs of weaker enemies.

Other examples: guns that are specialized against flying enemies, against enemies that are far away (not necessarily sniper rifles), guns that heal you (grog nozzle used to be god tier at healing yet it was a purple gun), guns that debuff enemies (not necessarily slag-like), guns that buff yourself, guns that are versatile against types of enemies (robots, humans, animals), guns that synergize better with some of your passive skills etc.

But there’s also the problem that legendaries in borderlands 3 are vastly more powerful than purple guns instead of being maybe just a little better. And then we also have the anointments that add another rng layer and min maxing becomes frustrating. Taking into consideration how farming works in bl3 (e.g. farm a trivial boss 600 times to get the gun you want), it also makes farming extremely boring.

In short, borderlands 3 has nothing going for it that makes farming fun. Nothing at all. Which is my main reason for quitting the game.