Borderlands 2 , ahab rocket launcher

Can anyone trade me the seraph rocket launcher ? I’ve been trying to farm the seraph shop but it keeps selling the same 4 guns . If you don’t mind helping out I’m on Xbox one and my gt is thee tamale thanks

Not trying to be a smart aleck, but you are checking the Oasis vendor, correct? Only according to the wiki that’s the only one you can get it from. (It also says something confusing that implies you can’t get it from the vendor in UVHM, but that may be just a bad edit.)

Yeah I’ve been farming the one in oasis but I’m on uvh so that may be the problem , only 4 guns show up each time and they’re just the smgs and assault rifles

Yeah I gues it only goes up to level 50 , I was hoping there would be an op 8

You have to farm from Master Gee or trade with someone online unfortunately. Master Gee isn’t too hard once you know the mechanics and have a decent singularity grenade, but it’s a really long, dull fight.