Borderlands 2 AI idea

ever get tired of playing by yourself? then you try to tell your friends to play but they are busy
I have an idea called adding Bots to your party they sort of act like players but they can do everything that a player can, like equip weapons use the skill tree and even assist you in battle, to add them click on the open slots select Add Bot and choose which class you want to play alongside with and they have three difficulties

True Vault Hunter=Medium
Ultimate Vault Hunter=Hard

The Bots can also give you their loot though they wont ask you to trade, only you can initiate the trade when you do they accept it and fill up all the slots with the loot collected from dead enemies you can also give them anything and they will equip what you give them you can even save the AI so the Data doesn’t get erased also you can send them on a exploration mission to collect money while your doing other quests they can also revive you while your fighting the enemies I think this additional feature can really impact offline play let me know what you think

Neat idea but this game will be nearly 8 years old and the next, better and much improved (hopefully) installment of it is only a few months away. Kind of doubt that this will ever be a thing but why not make it a suggestion for Bl3.5 or BL4?

I will in the future

Why do people play games? Lots of reasons, of course, but the main reason is that they want something to do. So, why would I want an AI to do these things for me? If doing certain things are so boring that one doesn’t want to do them, then one should really consider playing a different game. Or even consider if they should play games at all.

AI partners have been around for a long time in gaming, and the performance has varied from poor to unbelievably stupid, in my opinion. Borderlands 2 is no exception! Are there AI’s in BL2? Sure! Lilith, Roland, Brick and Mordecai. Does anyone find them useful? Didn’t think so!

A shiny example on how bad these AI’s can be is Skyrim. Their level of stupidity is unmatched.


A good AI is really hard to program though, I think the games with really good AI allies can be counted on the fingers of no hand.

For a short time in Control Core Angel you actually have allies, Lilith and Axton. When I went FFYL, did they help me up? No, they killed the enemies I was shooting for a second wind. So effectively they killed me. I can do without allies like that!


Heh I just had the idea of bots that are all loot ninjas. And there’s friendly fire. That should be fun.

thanks everyone for your comments I will make sure to keep this post up to date if you have any suggestions for the AI let me know

Don’t forget Deathrap trying to restore your shield when he could be killing that enemy target you can’t target but he can… It’s one of the reasons I was so happy to see Wolf and Saint in TPS - being able to designate a target means you can sic Wolf on a high priority one before you take a knee!

I’ve always thought that NPC kills in the Fire Hawk lair and Control Core Angel while a player is in FFYL should be counted as a revive, especially for solo players. It doesn’t seem like that ought to be too difficult to include.


Don’t forget Tundra Express… With that #%¤#&%/%# Mordecai! I’m sorry, I just hate that guy!

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Suppressed memories ho!