Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel cannot be played since newest update

I wrote about this problem on discussions but no answer. So I write it here.

Many people are having problem with playing BL2 and Pre-Sequel. They cannot enter the main menu or intro after patch. But no patch, no news, no answer for that problem. It’s been about half week. Please notice how to fix it or your plan. about this.

Did you file a bug report for this issue via a support ticket?

It’s not my problem but many people arguing about that issue for a days but you have no answer or hot fix yet. People on forum include my friend report this bug or something. Have you answered them? If you did, let people to know how to fix it.

So just to clear something up: I am one of the volunteer forum moderators, not a Gearbox employee. As such, I personally have no information available on what GBX is working on or what might be in the pipeline with regard to fixes.

As far as the issue: all I can do is reiterate that the best course of action is for those affected to file a support ticket. The more information Gearbox has on any specific issue, the easier it will be for them to figure out causes and solutions.