Borderlands 2 and tps.... what works and what dosent

So i just wanted to go over a few things for peolle who havent played in a while… for blds 2 … immo no longer works merging no longer works… the ahab nell does work for gunzerker, and the flakker ahab still works. Modding weapons is long gone… i was a huge modder and loved making weapons. Hopefully theyll put it into blds3 cause without it in the pre it sucked. And after 100s of hrs of work my guns were deleted alsoBUT neway. On to blds tps… i see so many people dogging on wilhelm but next to jack hes the best character. PEOPLE DONT FORGET YOUR SECOND SKILL. Like with the zerker if u hit the lb a second time it heals all of your health… if you use wilhelm DONT FORGET TO PAINT YOUR ENEMY. I see so many ppl playing with him not using this. If you paint your enemy your damage greatly increases not to mention getting more stacks on rolling thunder most stacks ive gotten to is 36… the flakker nukem glitch wprks ihavent really found nething else in the ps. Please bring my guns back :frowning:

What about all the recent fixes from the last couple of hotfixes? Increased drop rates? Cloud Kill? Blight Phoenix? Wires Don’t Talk? Death Mark? The game has gotten way more love recently.

If you haven’t played BL2 for a while (like over a year), there’s some game-changing fixes. :thumbsup:

The drop rates are serious not i have no problem farming any legwndary or chubbys anymore i love it… this was more for those who used to use things like immo and cloud kill that cant nemore. Nd i just wanted to say that about wilhelm cause i watch alot of youtubers NOT painting their enemy