Borderlands 2 are you still here skins

Hi guys, I’m looking for someone to trade the “are you still here” skins for zero, unfortunately I traded my old gen console in and now can’t get the corresponding game to unlock the skins, I have numerous over power 8 weapons that I’m willing to trade to anyone interested
My xbox gamertag is xX Niallr 94 Xx
Anyone willing to trade is a saint in my books

Unfortunately mate. Those skins cannot be traded. They’re account bound.

BUT! Contact Gearbox and they may be able to get the skin for you if you’d unlocked it on your PSN account!

I’m going to close the thread, since you can’t get the skin (unfortunately).

I’d put a ticket in to the Help Desk;

Definitely the best place to look for a response. If your item was account bound, they may have ways of getting it for you.

Best of luck.