Borderlands 2 boosting

(Kolemorrow2007) #1

Would any level 50-72 be up to boosting me up in level? Msg Luciffer8402 if so.

(LunaticOne) #2

what level do you want

(Kolemorrow2007) #3

Higher the better

(LunaticOne) #4

should of asked what level you are now? also send me a message on Xbox Live, as it will be about another 30 minutes before I login on xbox

GT = Name

(Kolemorrow2007) #5

I added you. I am lvl 38

(Bryan Jones1995) #6

Could I get in on this I need help badly I would just stay out of your way I don’t want any loot or anything just want help leveling

(LunaticOne) #7

Yes and send a “Message on” on Xbox live

(Bryan Jones1995) #8

Just sent ya a msg

(Kaister892) #9

Messaged you on XBL
GT: JuanTwoThreee

(Youngsoulbrother) #10

Hey I messaged you on Xbox live when you have the chance message me back GT:ckhristopher

(bryan10044) #11

Can you help me out just want to lvl up I’m lvl 17

(BryceFacenFacer) #12

Would any one be willing to boost me up to level 50-72? GT: BryceFacenFacer (console xbox one)

(Chappo11) #13

Hello is anyone still boosting i need a boost i am level 27 need to get to max level add me on Cbox ThaShadowCobra thanks

(Wadesmfnworld) #14

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