Borderlands 2 & Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Gun Trading & Help

(I Proi Magine) #1

Hey everyone, just looking to trade some weapons or help anyone struggling with any part of BL2 or BLTPS. Just hit me up on ps4! I can help you with literally ANYTHING. And wouldn’t mind trading or giving guns. My PSN is: iProiMagine. Pretty much just looking for new people to play with!

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(I Proi Magine) #2

Also looking for a practicable company man on bltps, if you have one and are willing to trade, message me on PSN preferably or reply to this post, thanks.

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(That, Sir, Is a Richard Relocation) #3

You may find people to play with here:

(mvl003) #4

Hi! I need some guns and some assistance with a couple of bosses. Can you help? I am on PS4.

(Damonpayne2001) #5

Can anyone help me level up I’m level 35 atm