Borderlands 2-cannot be played since newest update

Many people include my friend cannot play the game since newest update. Reinstall, reboot windows, reboot steam, anything doesn’t works. When they select play at launcher, nothing happens. Even the intro doesn’t show up.

You gotta do something with this problems. Patch this thing or tell how to solve this thing out. Do not ruins old masterpiece.

gearbox did consistently (is only my opinion)

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Yes, I confirm, I haven’t played last few days and now it crashes while launching, I updated all drivers to the latest reinstalled the game but without success. I planned on reinstalling the Windows but decided to wait.

I am having an impossible time playing as well, last time I played was in December, all went well. Started up today, and every 3-5 seconds I get a MASSIVE lag spike even in the menus. Watching Task Manager, and I see GPU usage drop out to 0% when this occurs. It certainly isn’t my computer causing this.

Ryzen 3 1300x
MSI 1650 4GB
32GB DDR4-2666

I have played with much lower specs in the past just fine, and played recently with this hardware just fine.

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I saw a suggestion in a TPS thread that resolution settings could prevent the game launching properly. I’m not sure why the update (which appears to only affect PC) would alter those, but it might be worth checking your config file to see if it’s changed.

Otherwise, all I can suggest is filing a support ticket.

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Submitted ticket, got a response, replied, awaiting next response…

I did find the issue though, but it will require a fix on their end or me to forever disconnect my internet connection.

I sat at the first screen forever, not pressing a single key, and noted my GPU usage never hit 0%, and the FPS stayed right at 60. But as soon as the game creates an online session and connects to Steam servers, it’s constantly, every 3-5 seconds pausing, GPU usage drops out, and bleh. Makes the game impossible to play. As soon as I disconnect from the internet, gameplay goes back to silky smooth. Looks like the game calls a server VERY frequently, and pauses awaiting a response.

This wouldn’t impact most people as most sit with a low latency, but for those on satellite internet, where download speeds can be very high, but latency is also high (600+) it’s killing the game.

Easiest fix would be for the game to do a latency check, and if it hits a certain threshold it doesn’t try to call what ever game server it wants to keep calling for god knows what reason.

Has a ‘Social notifications’ function been added to the game (like the one in BL3) by any chance? I ask because I seem to remember someone mentioning that a week or two ago.

I don’t think it has added that, not too entirely sure.

The February patch note here,

Then the March patch note

Looks like this may be an issue related to the cross-platform connectivity. I have my “Network” set to “Offline”, though that appears to not do squat.

My issue is similar to yours. From the BL2 main menu screen (“Press any key”), it now takes close to 50 seconds to open the session- about 20 seconds to connect to the servers and the other 30 seconds to actually launch the session. Before this most recent update, the entire process would only have taken roughly 10 seconds or so.

The main session screen will lag (for about 2 or 3 seconds) every 5 seconds or so, causing a massive frame drop. However, after I read your post, I also tried disconnecting the internet (I can’t believe that I never tried that before now), and the game instantly went back to being smooth and lag-free. Interestingly, the BL3 ad was gone as well.

Unfortunately, I am one of those individuals who has a satellite internet service provider with a very high latency. Although having to disconnect my internet every time in order to play Borderlands 2 is not exactly a deal-breaker (the high latency prevents me from playing online), I do hope that some sort of fix can be found for this soon.

I would encourage you both to file a support ticket for this issue, just so that Gearbox have the data to look at.

Oh, I did, they glossed over the YT clip I made, then assumed it’s a DX issue seeing as I am on Win10 with DX12 instead of DX9… They forgot the part where DX9 installer will not run on Vista or newer as it does an OS version check during install., and that DX12 handled the game just fine in December.

They also asked if I was on wifi or wired, which honestly, if you’re playing single player, it should not matter as it never has in the past.

I haven’t gotten word back on my latest reply.

@Triad_Thunder Yeup, I am also on a satellite ISP, 600ms+. Never had this issue before. Easiest way is to kill your internet connection before it establishes a connection, also seems to get you into the game a good bit faster.

You could also add a firewall rule that blocks the game from going out, and anything coming in, but in my testing, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to get past the initial splash screen where it keeps trying to connect. But, the game does run decently after that.

Games like Borderlands I fell in love with, because they didn’t have this “always connected” stuff. I have always loved single player. But if this is also present in BL3… Yeah, not sure I want to buy BL3 at all at this point unless the issue isn’t present in that as well.

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yeah it appears busted on PSN as well, dunno about XboxL as I’m not on that platform…dunno about the PreSequel as I’m still waiting for them to add an option that would let me delete that from Handsome Collection…