Borderlands 2 co-op help? Backlog clean up

So I’m running through my backlog of Xbox 360 game because I plan on selling it soon so I can focus on Xbox One only from now on and Borderlands 2 is one of the few games I have left.

All my buddies stopped playing it so I have no one to co-op it with and playing solo just isn’t very fun… I’m starting the main mission “The Once and Future Slab” and could use some help, I’m a level 23 Zero. Preferably looking for someone to just run through the main missions with me or if you’re higher level just carry me through them. I want to see what happens in the story but it’s becoming a chore to play solo.


  1. Post in the 360 forum

  2. Zer0 is a hard to play character. Probably why it isn’t much fun. I recommend Maya, Gaige, or Salvador for starters.

Thanks, didn’t realize there was a specific console forum.

I don’t think I could play through it all again with a new character, I like the game when playing co-op but I’m trying to get rid of my Xbox 360 so I’d rather just beat it once and move on.

Heh, here you’re gonna find a lot of people who will find that concept hard to wrap their head around.

You might also want to describe if you want to just play through the main story on NVHM, or all 3 modes. And if you want to play any DLCs.

If you want to play co-op you should think about picking up the Handsome Collection for your XBone. It includes BL2, TPS, and all DLC for both games, and it will probably be easier to find people to play with being that the XBone is a current gen console.

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Just because something is hard doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not fun!

Zero is very rewarding when played right, but there’s a learning process. Check out The Community Zer0 Guide - All you ever wanted to know for some advice on how to get things going, or simply ask in the Zero section of this forum. Lot’s of good advice to be had there!

Ture, but in the context it is accurate.

The OP is just trying to grind the story. He is only lvl 23 and on “Once and Future Slab”, obviously he is not interested in exploring the depth of the character. Zer0 really shines as you explore his skill trees. At best he has 3 points in a 4th tier skill, and that is assuming he is filling in the trees based on a build and not all over the place. He needs a tank for his grinding.

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Hey all. My backlog on the Xbone is even bigger haha, I’m not trying to buy anymore games for it until I can finish some games. I love Borderlands 2 and I love the Zero character, I’ve played each one up to level 5 and Zero was my favorite. I’m not hating on the game or anything but I just want to complete the story and move on to other games so I can finally sell/get rid of my Xbox 360. I know the concept may sound odd but I want to know how the story ends and right now I’m level 24 and the story missions are way too hard to solo.

:smile: Well… You’ve only just scratched the surface on them. But since you’re on Zero, we should see about getting you some friendly advice, and also some friends to go with you. I don’t know what your build looks like, but I’d recommend that you go something like this. The middle tree is good for the first playthrough. The other two are more specialized and gear dependant. If you’re running a melee character, then your build could look like this. The sniper tree is not necessary in normal mode, and the other two trees offer what little healing Zero has on his own, so that’s how I’d go.

Zero is quite squishy, so you need to keep him out of harms way more than the rest of the vault hunters. Use Deception a lot, and keep moving. You also need to plan your attacks more. If you just rush into an area, chances are that you’ll die very fast. You need to take your time, basically.

I’d pick Unf0reseen before rising shot. That thing destroys normal mode.

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Happy looting

Who still plays borderlands 2