Borderlands 2 Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary on Epic Games Store

Hello there, i have a question when we are gona be able to buy the DLC on Epic Games Store( I already bough it on PS) I got the game for free at this store but the DLC is still unavailable (as i said early i already bough the whole game on my PS account) Many of my friends got the game on PC in Steam and i wana play with them and with the free Handsome collection its the perfect time for that but sadly i am locked out of content becouse i cannot buy the DLC… I am not trading/sell experct but i think now is the right time to sell it out becouse many people got the game for free and are willing to pay for the rest of the content.
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Yeah, i want it too. Please release it on Epic Games now. Im willing to pay 15 bucks for it, like on Steam.

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The same problem, I can’t get op lvl because of it. really hurting the game experience