Borderlands 2 Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary on Epic Games Store

Hello there, i have a question when we are gona be able to buy the DLC on Epic Games Store( I already bough it on PS) I got the game for free at this store but the DLC is still unavailable (as i said early i already bough the whole game on my PS account) Many of my friends got the game on PC in Steam and i wana play with them and with the free Handsome collection its the perfect time for that but sadly i am locked out of content becouse i cannot buy the DLC… I am not trading/sell experct but i think now is the right time to sell it out becouse many people got the game for free and are willing to pay for the rest of the content.
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Yeah, i want it too. Please release it on Epic Games now. Im willing to pay 15 bucks for it, like on Steam.

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The same problem, I can’t get op lvl because of it. really hurting the game experience

I absolutely agree with guys above. If there is no possibility to release it now on Epic Games Store for us to buy, it would be much appreciated if we could be at least notified about more detailed date. I really love this game and would like to see its full glory.
Currently on the store there is only an information that the release is about to happen in 2020.
And that actually might be slightly insufficient for players to keep on waiting…
I keep my fingers crossed for you to reply on this matter soon.
Thank you for your great work in making awesome games!
Best regards :slight_smile:

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I want that DLC too~ (Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary)
for Epic Games

Same here, both me and the GF got the handsome collection only to find that we can’t even buy this last DLC… really ruins the whole experience to know we can’t complete a game we’ve been loving.

I wouldn’t care otherwise, but if your DLC unlocks more levels, it’s a bad move not to realease it on all platforms. It doesnt incentivise farming when you know you’ll have to do everything all over again. Gearbox, you’re losing Karma here.

Man agreed! I love this game; really can’t remember having more fun playing a game. But I’m really hoping this DLC becomes available soon. More than happy to pay plenty for it!!!

Word of advice, better don’t buy anything on Epic lmao, I can’t play the OP levels without buying the Fight for Sanctuary DLC, got the HC bundle for free there. I mean, if you have the Handsome Collection on Steam, you can play the OP levels after level 72 completely normally unlike the situation here with EG store, right? This here what Epic has done is enough proof that you should buy stuff on that godforsaken platform. End of story.