Borderlands 2: Community Day Heads And Skins Codes (Axton!)

That doesn’t seem quite right. Keys are stored in a separate file to your save games; that file also contains your BAR rank, stash contents, and your heads and skins. Did you also lose those as well? What platform are you on?

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…downloaded big image and went looking for it. Might not have spotted that even if I saw it. :neutral_face:

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Thank you very much! And do you know when gaige’s Head and skin will release please ?

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Only GBX know that for sure, but likely when the next BL3 announcement drops. So maybe in May?

@Noelle_GBX Can we expect the remaining heads and skins soon or are we in for the long haul here? Axton, Gaige and Krieg want in on the fun too :sunglasses:




There are Borderlands Enhanced Edition Shift codes as well? Or just Borderlands 2?

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I haven’t seen any yet

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thank u now i got my maya skin tha i wanted the most


I input the Salvador community shift code through the shift menu in BL2. The game accepted it… I saw the skins in the game but the next time I logged in they were gone? Is there a reason they would disappear? I submitted a support ticket and haven’t received any follow up to it. Anyone know why this would happen?

They shouldn’t do. Had you equipped them in-game? What platform are you on?

I flipped through them and put the skin on but changed them to different ones right after. I’m on PS4. Had some activity on my support ticket like right after I posted my comment

Does anyone know the timestamp of the final part of the SHiFT code? I’m working on a catalogue that shows you where/how to find all secrets in the BL3 marketing. I’ve heard folks say it’s on “Big Finish!” but I’ve looked and cannot find it. By rights it should be on one of the following:

  • Over One Billion Guns (2:52)
  • Guns With Legs? (2:55)
  • We Got You, Boo (2:58)
  • Big Finish! (3:01)

Note: This is for the 5th part of SHiFT Code “WSRZ3”.

Can’t help you with spotting the SHiFT code, just wanted to say great job on your online BL1 skill calculator! It’s become my go-to to promo a build.


link please? and thank you



I just now saw the whpow! And have proceeded to say it aloud multiple times


They said they fixed it but the Salvador skins are still not showing up in the quick change machine :frowning:
just takes awhile for the communication to go back and forth for the support tickets.

I got my Salvador skin and it was in the quick change the last time I checked. Should I load up BL2 again later and re-check? I should anyway, just to see if the skins for Zer0 and Maya worked properly

When I put the code in it worked, I saw the head and skin (didn’t equip just looked at). But now they disappeared from the menu. The Zer0 and Maya ones are still an option in their quick change machine, just having problem with Salvador’s for some reason? Don’t play him often but it is a bug that I feel should be addressed.