Borderlands 2: Community Day Heads And Skins Codes (Axton!)

Can someone post pictures with the community day skins? I can’t seem to find them after redeeming them nor anywhere on the internet…

You’ll find galleries pinned in each character section:

The head should be number 30 in each gallery, the skin number 97. Each of those galleries links to the master head-skin list on Google docs so you can double-check the name of the head/skin for each character.


Aren’t those the old community day skins? Are these codes just for the old ones? :confused:

There’s only one set of Community Day skins, correct. A lot of folks missed out on them at the time and, even though they are in the game as an extremely rare world drop… Well, basically next to impossible to get the whole set. So they’re being re-released as part of the BL3 promotional tour by popular demand.


New skins would’ve been cool but I guess sometimes you can’t get whatever you want, people who didn’t have them get to enjoy them at least :slight_smile:

Only way to get them (before this) on Handsome Collection on consoles, were very very rare drops. And they are white rarity. So if anyone did happen to get lucky as can be, they probably didn’t even look at them. Last time i checked i believe there were 2 YT vids where people showed getting one to drop.

Axton’s head and skin, Maya’s and Gaige’s skin, Krieg’s head and skin, are my favorites for those characters. So i’m very grateful. I mean soon i will actually have “HOW DO I VESTS?” Can’t wait

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Here you go :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, redeeming these through the website for Xbox Live worked like a charm! :grin:

Now the wait for the rest of the codes begins… :sleeping:

I redeemed the code for zer0, got my keys, but no skin or head, does anyone else have this issue?

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They just released an Img giving us the hint that there may be a code in it…here is the img

I just checked it up, and there’s some morse code at the lateral borders of the pic.

Also…some numbers at the bottom, and the word sirens wroted in one of the roses

Code in that image (on guns) is the same as before, for Maya comunity skin. No new codes at that moment. I guess for the next one, we need to wait till May 1st.

Not just the guns one, as i said, there’s morse code on the borders of the img, and some numbers at the bottom, i mean they said on their fb page, that yeah we found some codes and that’s great and all, but…we haven’t found everything in that img yet

Someone posted the morse code translation last week I think? And the numbers had also been found but at the time had not been decoded.

Yes, but there is no new code for community skin in this image.

Could be the numbers, emmm letters from the alphabet? i mean do you notice how there are some space between some numbers and that doesn’t happen in all of them?..

Check this post and you will know everything so far.

Are we prepared for the next one to come on May 1st? Seems like a prime time to slip another one into circulation.

I’ve also entered the codes in for the community day head/skins and I saw them on the quick change however now they’re gone and I can’t see them at all :frowning:

Weird. Better contact support since these heads and skins are oh so rare.

Next head and skin in a few days hopefully :smiley:

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If you launch the game, and from the main screen, go into your SHIFT account activity, do they show up in your log of redeemed SHIFT Codes?

'Cuz if not, try redeeming the code again! :wink::+1: