Borderlands 2: Community Day Heads And Skins Codes

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??? Any chance you could grab a screen-shot of that message?

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yes here it is. I’m on pc (steam) I’m not sure if its meant for xb1 or ps4

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PSN is Play Station Network, aka PS3/PS4. You did link your SHiFT account to your Steam one, yes?

Note that some codes let you choose which platform you can redeem them on through the SHiFT site (a new feature), while other codes are platform-specific.

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yes i did, i assume this code is only for ps4 then?


Got the 100 keys last night and now I see heads and skins added. Awesome! Thanks

The Sal codes are hidden in the Mayhem trailer. This vid shows them about 0:2:40 in.

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Probably - where did you get it from?

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right here at the top of the thread

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try to go to the gaming platform option and link your shift to sony.

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Yeah, just realised that - sorry, it’s late here!

Assuming you’re on the SHiFT site, when you enter the code and hit the ‘Check’ button, you should see at least one choice for which account to redeem the code against. In my case, since I only have my XBox Live account linked, that’s the only one I see.

You can double check your linked accounts from the “Gaming Platforms” tab. If your Steam account isn’t linked, you’ll need to do that before redeeming the code.

Here’s mine:

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hmmm now nothing happens, but since I’ve already redeemed a couple maybe there is a time limit on redeeming

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Redemptions through the web site are indeed rate limited. You should also be able to redeem the code through the in-game SHiFT menu though, and I don’t think that is rate limited.

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I see this timestamps. well let’s look at the shift codes

01:20 “Get ready to cheersplode baby !” : 53KBB
01:27 “Explore new worlds” : (idk)
01:59 “We got those” : KXXRC
02:18 “Brick Sax Solo” : RZ66Z
02:52 “And one more thing” : WFJBB

Edit: lol i do not know where to look.

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Well, if you check the updated OP in this thread, at least you’ll know what letters you’re looking for!

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Try again. Worked on xbox


This is wonderful; thank you so much! I redeemed them for Steam so far. Can you redeem the codes again on the other platforms? I play it on all three (and have all three linked.) I entered the key code again, it asked me to verify platform again, so I did Xbox next. But then didn’t show up in that platform’s redemption history (whereas it did still show on Steam.) I figure if it was limited to one total use, it would have given me an “already redeemed” message. Hmm.


I used some keys yesterday and after relodaing the game there was a pop-up msg that I have new keys, 249 right now :slight_smile:

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Hopefully we get the other codes this week. Looks like Gearbox is in no rush. Marketing reasons baby.

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2 out of 6 community head/skin sets found, another announcement April 3rd, …

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I submitted the code for 100 golden keys online and it redeemed just fine. However, I don’t see the codes in-game on Xbox. I am linked/logged in under my SHiFT account, but it can’t authenticate to the server. And, yes, I’m connected to XboxLive and the network. I’ve submitted a ticket but I wondered if anyone else has had this issue?

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How many golden keys did you have before you entered the code? There’s a limit on what can be displayed in-game (because the devs didn’t expect players to hoard that many keys!) - see the posts up-thread for details.