Borderlands 2 compatibility pack loop for xbox 36p

I have borderlands 2 for xbox 360 and when i download the compatibility it just tells me its not download it and asks me if i want to download it over and over. I have tried many things like deleting all old compatibility packs and title update and redownloading and nothing worked. Can someone please help me because i really want to play this game with friends again.

You may want to clear the system cache if you haven’t done so already, and delete out the CP so you start fresh. Try this:

  • Clear system cache
  • Delete CP
  • Restart console
  • Launch game
  • Download game update
  • Back out to splash screen
  • Download CP
  • Back out to splash screen
  • Quit and restart game

Note the “back out to splash screen” bits - I did that every time there was a new CP, and managed to avoid the loop problem. Each time you start from the splash screen, the game will re-check for updates, hotfixes, etc.