Borderlands 2 compatile with 360 version?

If my friend has the handsome collection on the xbox one can he play borderlands 1 or 2 with me if I’m on the xbox 360?

Sadly not, no. You can see your friends on-line, but there’s no way to play across different generation consoles.

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This is incorrect. Surprisingly from VaultHunter101. He knows his stuff, but the 360 console can coop with an xbox1 gamer on the original Borderlands. I do it all the time. I have friends still on the 360 and I coop with them while on my xbox1. So it can be done, but not in the handsome jack collection which is just BL2 and TPS. The original Borderlands was not a part of the handsome jack collection. :wink:

Wow, learnt something new! It does make sense though, since BL1 on XB1 is running in a virtual 360… so effectively you’re playing 360 to 360.

Incidentally, did you ever run into issues with the number of BL1 saves you can have shared across 360 and XB1? I found out the hard way that it’s possible for one character to overwrite a different one.

correct! I heard that there was a test of side by side comparison with playing 360 games on your xb1. apparently it runs quicker and more efficiently with the higher frames per second that you get with your xb1. I was unaware of that. so that little tid bit I thought I’d share. :wink:

I stopped after trying to load up my 360 and it saying it had to sync my cloud save, I just powered off my 360. I don’t want to loose any of my toons. LOL so I just stopped due to fear. LOL

That in itself isn’t a problem - it checks the date the save was last modified, and puts the most recent version on the console you’re currently using. The problem seems to be if you have more than four saves on the XB1: it appears that the Cloud Save/Sync for BL1 on 360 can only ‘recognise’ up to four, and over-writes if you try to add another one?

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Ok, I think I have somewhat of an understanding…

I am going to attempt my test again, and I won’t quit due to fear of loosing a save, since you’ve provided a bit of peace-of-mind. Thank you kind sir. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, my xb1 has 6 saves in the cloud(1 of which I created from my xb1). My 360 has 5 saves on the hard drive. I will try to use my cloud saves and see how many are displayed on my 360. if our theory is correct, I should only see 4 saves from my 360. I’ll post back here. :wink:

double post! :smile:
i just loaded up my 360 borderlands. chose my cloud as my storage device and all 6 saves were available. i loaded each one to be sure. took a pic as well…

@VaultHunter101 :acmaffirmative:

That’s good, but it doesn’t explain where my new Mordecai character went :open_mouth: I might try again (since I have everything on the 360 backed up on USB).

agreed. i am puzzled with what happened to your Morde. i didnt get limited to 4 saves. please let me know if you end up figuring this out.