Borderlands 2 Comprehensive DPS Calculator

Hi. This is a comprehensive DPS calculator that includes skills, gear, and the ability to manually set the hit rate of impact damage, critical damage, and splash damage for listed and unlisted projectiles individually.

Link, please make your own copy if you intend to edit anything:

Quicker to list what it doesn’t work for so here’s the current things it can not calculate for:

  • Accurate effective fire rate. As far I know this is impossible. Very little is known about how fire rate buffs interact and it’s not feasible to test because fire rate in game is rounded down to the closest whole divisor of frame rate meaning effective fire rate is rounded and the degree of that rounding fluctuates with your frame rate. This calculator assumes all fire rate buffs are additive.

  • Burst weapons. I hope to be able to add this functionality however I don’t know how to get accurate numbers for burst delay(or if that is possible) and even if I did I don’t think an average fire rate would be reasonably comparable with non-burst weapons due to fire rate rounding.

  • Extra shot chance. The effective increase to fire rate varies once you exceed a certain fire rate value, I’m not an expert on this if I’m wrong please correct me.

  • Exceptionally weird unlisted projectile splash. The Logan’s gun and Pyrophobia come to mind. They might work if you combine the splash of their unlisted projectiles or average them?

  • Zero, Sal, Maya, and Gaige skills. I’ll probably add them in that order, if I get to it before bl3.

  • Enemies with elemental resistance. BA skags… etc. Just use the right element lol. If someone has resistance numbers I’ll add it.

Coming soon™

  • A version for Borderlands 3 ASAP!

How To
Accurate output requires accurate input… a lot of accurate input. The wiki is generally a bad source for this, the forums are a much better source, and the best source is to test in yourself. Here are some good resources, if you don’t know what an input is check here:

Thanks to @Sljm @DemoniteBL @DeputyChuck and @Derch, their guides have been invaluable while developing this.

If you have any question, suggestion, or issues ask in this thread.


Update: Axton added, as well as the compare sheet so you can directly compare the dps of different builds and vault hunters.

Unless someone asks me to add other vault hunters I probably won’t as I will be working on a calculator for bl3.

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