Borderlands 2 Conference Call for Maya lvl 55 Anybody?

Anybody has a spare conference call lvl 55 for ps4? I tried to farm like 2 weeks in the Hero pass but still nothing besides green and blue rarity stuff. Please help, I don’t have much but if you need something I will try to make thing up?.
My ps4 ID : Capt_Hao

I have a plethora of CCs so I can spare one or two. Not sure of their exact levels and will need to check my characters’ inventories but pretty sure I can help you out. No need for a trade.

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Yes man, I tried to farm for it but still not bit of luck. When u r able to get online just tell me, I am all free from now

I’ll get online now. Gimme 5 minutes.

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Thanks, im online now. My PS4 ID : Capt_Hao.

Checking inventories now

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Just sent u an invite, call me when available. Thanks sir

Dahel, Im at the loading character screen. still please wait, I will quit and reconnect

thanks mate, but do u have any like lvl 55 or stuff. I still cant get throught the UVHM :<

Hope that helps …