Borderlands 2 crash on start up

[PS4] So this pops up when I go to borderlands 2 and press X to start. The checking for content appears and the symbol will stop spinning. Strange thing is the per seqwel loads up fine. Iv deleted the application data and re downloaded the update but I get the same result. Disc is clean as can be (trying to eliminate all the possibilitys of what it could be)
Anyone has the same issue? And any one have any fixes? Anything would be appreciated

I’ve never heard of this issue before but it sounds like the disc itself is bad so I would take it back to the place where you bought it and get a replacement.

I had a funny feeling. There is a tinny scratch but I did not think it would be a problem, the store in questing had a disc cleaner, took it back earlier today but I had the same result. Thanks for the reply. It’s much appreciated

If the scratch wasn’t the problem then it could be a bad pressing when it came off the production line so I still recommend getting it replaced.